Jan 26, 2018 2:36 PM

This is new hip-hop artist under the name Six FO, he is from Lagos. He just released two debut singles " Millionaire Ninu traffic" and " Laleyi". Read my debut singles review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review. all his music are in the music community for you to check out, search for Six Fo.





This is aspiring hip-hop artist Six fo and he just released two singles, more information can be found his social accounts. He is from Lagos, normally I always include a short biography but I didn't receive one. Once he has made one, I will update this singles review. 

I will start with his release " Laleyi" it starts with a great movie anthem sound, refreshing and upbuilding following up by great beats. The beats are really proper used, it gives this song a great vibe. The lyric of the song has a message to the world, I always like it when it has a meaning or a deeper message in it. This track has a lot potential for the hip-hop scene, it is refreshing and dope. Mastering the vocal is not always something I prefer but on this track, it is very good used and produced. Which make that is not constantly hearable in this dope track. His song is for sure a potential for radio stations, record-labels and anything related to the hip-hop scene and hopefully also for non-hip-hop lovers, stations etcetera. 

Then we his newer single " Millionaire Ninu Traffic" and it has a really great hip-hop beat drum intro with synths and I love his accent in he has. But besides that, he even raps pieces in his language which I really like. Also, I like that his voice is pure and he has a certain flow while rapping the lyrics. This is another potential track for many record-labels, radio stations, and many other related events and industries in the hip-hop field. Another great track by this Rapper from Lagos, the producer knows what he does and how to make the songs dope. 

I hear a lot potential in this artist from Lagos, both songs are wonderfully produced. I hope his newer releases will have less vocal mastering and more freestyle rap like in his newest release. He sure has to be heard by all who like hip-hop and rap, he is an upcoming artist for sure. Therefore, when you read and listen to his both tracks share it as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 

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