Jan 29, 2018 11:44 AM

This is pop music singer-songwriter, Hanah Brooks, she just released her new single " Used to Be" and 3 months ago was her first debut single " Leave it". Her management Lost in Sound sent her to Chatsong for a review, read my singles review on Chatsong and listen to her songs and give votes or comments underneath this review.

Hana Brooks broke onto the indie pop scene during November 2017 and now returns with her new track 'Used To Be', where a heartbreaking vocal is layered on a groove of urban bass and beats, tropical synths and ambient guitars.Brooks' debut release 'Leave It' was reviewed and playlisted globally over 40 times, gaining airplay in the USA and Europe.

The music video, filmed in California, and live streamed performance collectively picked up 50,000 hits on facebook in 2 days.The new release 'Used To Be' is picking straight UP where the previous single left off and has been produced and mixed by Nick Bennett (London Grammar/Asgeir). To support the release a launch party at the world-renowned music club The Troubadour in Earls Court, London UK on 28th February 2018




This is Hana brooks above you can read her musical career so far, she has released 3 months ago her first debut single " Leave it" which did make an impression in the music industry.  A few days ago she has released her new single " Used to be " her management has forwarded her to Chatsong, their name is Lost in Sound management website

Then now my singles review, Read it all on Chatsong. I will start with her previous release " Leave it" then work towards to her new single "Used to be". The intro starts with wonderful hard hitting drums and guitars, it has a lovely rhythm. Her vocals are really stunning, she has a wonderful acoustic reach. This is Top talent, her song is really a potential for a hit pop music track all around the world. Also, the way how she brings the lyrics in the song is really millions of times better than many famous singers. This is really high-class quality level produced and sung lyric, with her talent and vocals she can really come very far and in no time touring around the world, signing autographs and have millions of downloads from her singles. I am really impressed by this singer-songwriter and her first single, I am really curious about her newer release. She has it all lyrics, vocals and an amazing produced pop music single. 

I am listening now to her new single " Used to be" and she starts right away with her magnificent pure vocal with an incredible timing. This is really another high class written and performed single with great tunes and dance beats. This track has also high chances being heard on bigger radio channels and bigger music shows on television, I would for sure nominate her for the brand new artist on MTV/ Billboard. Or any other place for top talent worldwide, she is one of it who will break through worldwide with her stunning pop music singles. To make this happen, share this amazing singer and her both singles as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 




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