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James Bakian is a singer-songwriter from London; he is already known on this music platform has posted some of his original new music and covers in the Chatsong music community over the past two years, which you can listen to by searching for “James Bakian”. Last year he released an EP called "Unstoppable" as well as a few other new singles, which you can read all about in this review - it’s a bit longer than usual but it’s worth it! You can also listen to his new music via the links at the bottom and you can vote and/or leave comments underneath.

Hey! I'm James, a 14-year-old musician, and singer-songwriter and producer! I love everything about music: listening to it, singing it, writing it, producing it and performing it! I've been singing for as long as I can remember and I wrote my first song "Oh Baby" when I was 6 years old! If you want a bit of a laugh and to learn some cool dance moves you can watch the video here! I began taking piano lessons at age 7 but when I was 11, I began to practice improvising and then, inspired by listening to Adam Levine and Maroon 5, I started writing songs. I listen to lots of other artists too -Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Drake and loads more... but I have my own unique style. When the inspiration to write a song comes, I sit at the piano, a melody forms and then the lyrics flow! I write a lot about love and heartbreak but I've never been in love...yet! I'm so excited that two of my songs, "You're Gone" and "By Your Side" got through to the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2016 - and another of my songs "Red Dress" (which I'm releasing soon on my EP) is being considered for the 2017 finals!! My dream is to keep writing and singing and for people to get to know and enjoy my music! One day I'd love to do a world tour.



James has recently released his second EP called "Unstoppable". I’ve reviewed him before when I discovered the songs on his first EP “By Your Side” which was released in 2016.

Because he’s released several new singles as well as the Unstoppable EP, I’ve decided to review his newer work but you can find the first “By Your Side” review by searching back in the search engine on the website.

When he first submitted his music to Chatsong he was only 12 years old and already impressed me with his amazing vocal reach, even as a child. Now he is two years older and is growing into an adult, and that transition is often a difficult period for a child singer, especially if you are a boy. As he posted his new tracks and music videos in the Chatsong community I could already hear how his voice was maturing as a singer.

Now to my EP and singles review - I will start with the last track of the EP, "Red Dress". The intro is beautiful starting with piano, following up with slowly beating dance electronic drums. And then he starts to sing and it sounds really stunning; he has a very controlled vocal now and sounds really pure. Even though he’s going through that difficult time from boy singer to mature singer, he’s certainly managed it and that

makes him a natural born singer and a top talent. I was already a big fan but with these performances, I became, even more, a fan of his work.

Another track is "Poison" and wow that high vocal note in the intro is really sick, very powerful and very pure. His vocal reach really impresses me, especially knowing that growing into a mature man can cause problems when singing. He seems to have focussed and worked on his vocals during this period. I can barely hear any struggle with it, he is just an amazingly talented singer-songwriter who is going through this period with ease. Also, he writes brilliant lyrics, which are clearly recognizable and you naturally want to sing along. I really love this track and his vocal performance; he is a top entertainer. It is a well-produced and sung track which has a potential for many radio stations, TV channels or for festivals.

Now I’m listening to "Know You" and again it starts with a wonderful piano sound in the intro, and then slowly builds with lovely electronic dance beats. And man, how he reaches the higher octaves is really brilliant, so controlled and strong. He really is an amazing performer because he seems to have handled the vocal transition from child to mature singer easily, with very little struggle so his voice still sounds pure and wonderful.

The next track is "Colour". Again the intro is a beautiful piano tune and right after that he sings with such strength and power, it is really incredible. I am also a big fan of his lyrics and the way he sings to the listeners is so heartfelt. It is full of emotion and that shows he is not only a talented singer but also a songwriter, writing his own songs. This track also has high potential to become a worldwide hit song and though he is younger than singers like Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith and many others, actually, he performs on the same level as them. Judging by all the tracks I have heard so far, he will soon be performing with them or singing duets together.

Then we have “Ain't Sure”. He kicks off this song in an amazing high octave and he nails it. Wow, this singer is good. There are a few places in this track where you can hear the vocal struggle, but he handles it as a professional singer and it is barely audible because he quickly recovers and immediately uses another octave, which is well suited to him. And what I love is that he focuses on those parts and always finds a way to sing around them.

The final track is the title track of the EP called "Unstoppable". It has a varied intro sound. I really like the deep vocal transformation of the word "unstoppable" in the beginning, which gives the song a boost. Also, his vocal performance in this track is really strong both in the low octaves but also in the higher octaves; he is just born for music and he makes top quality music. I am really sure that this singer will soon be trending everywhere and his music will get a million awards and streams or sales from millions of fans around the world.

So that was all of the tracks on his new EP; he also released 2 other songs just before the EP came out which are "Trapped in You" and “I've Changed". Then in 2018, he released "Seven infections" and of course his newest release, “Usual".

"Trapped in You ": you can hear in the intro, how amazing his voice is - in the deeper octaves it is stunning, but he’s also so good in the higher octaves. Vocally this is one of his best performances. I like that deeper and mature sound; it fits him. In this track, you don't hear a 14-year-old singer but a professional artist who performs on the same top level as an adult singer and celebs who’ve been performing for years, touring on stages around the world.

"I've Changed"- here he opens with an amazingly controlled vocal, so strong it gives me goosebumps. Then the powerful dance beats make this song another great well-produced track; there are a few moments where you notice a struggle in the vocals but he overcomes them like a professional singer. This shows how talented and dedicated this singer is, and how he wants to grow and learn in every way- my credit to him for that.

"Seven Infections". Here you can hear his increasingly mature vocal and it sounds really amazing. Between this song and his previous songs, there is a huge difference vocally; I really like that deeper sound he has now and it is still pure and controlled. It suits him very well, but it also shows his vocal sound is improving in every way possible, which makes him a really top performer.

Finally, I am listening to his newest song “Usual". It has a stunning intro, with a lovely tune and congo sounds and then his amazing deeper vocal sound. This song is more in the R&B genre, which suits him really well; he told me he was trying a more R&B sound and wow he completely succeeded. His singing now, with that powerful controlled deeper vocal, again puts him on a level with many pop music celebs that you hear daily on the radio or TV. This singer-songwriter belongs on the stage, scoring hit after hit; he is so amazing. I feel really thrilled that he started as a child singer on Chatsong and is turning into a professional performer and singer-songwriter. I have followed his musical career since his first review, and he has made big achievements as a singer-songwriter and grown incredibly in his vocals as well.

I have listened to all of his newer work, and all of it is really well produced and sung and has the potential to become hit songs all around the world. This singer deserves to be heard by record-labels, big labels and everything related to the music field such as channels, charts, and radio stations. And for sure he will be touring worldwide, and his EP will be bought and streamed so hard that he will become a brand new artist and a celebrity singer-songwriter. So share this top performer and his music as much as you can and please vote and comment below.



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