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Cadwyn is a singer/songwriter from inner Melbourne, Australia whose refreshing musical style is as original as it is engaging.  Her voice is unambiguously pure and natural.  Cadwyn draws on her comprehensive catalog of musical compositions and her brilliant piano skills to entertain with songs that will connect while providing a great listening experience.  Her intimate relationship with her beloved piano, ukelele and guitar form a partnership that conceives music that is raw and heartfelt, emotive, powerful, peaceful and beautiful. 
Many of Cadwyn's musical inspirations come as she takes her mini Maton guitar or Maton Ukelele  down to the Yarra river near home and allows the mind to wander and write about the soulful world of heart connection, beauty, heart break, longing, loving, despair, hope, endurance and surrender. 
Cadwyn's influences include artists Karla Bonoff, Amy Holland, Sara Bareilles, Bonnie Raitt,  Edie Brickell, Lisa Loeb, Tracey Thorn, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Tina Arena, Stephen Bishop, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Michael McDonald,  Nick Drake, Michael Ruff, Nik Kershaw and Richard Page.                                                 


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I'm a popmusic singer-songwriter and recording artist. I am dedicated to writing and performing music that moves the heart and writing lyrics that make people think about things that are deeper and beyond daily circumstances. My goal is to influence today's musicians to write better and meaningful songs that help to make the world a happier and healthful place-- where the human heart can be set free to love one another, including those who are most difficult to love.


I started playing music way before I can remember. At age three I started violin lessons and formal piano lessons began shortly after that. All my older siblings were also in formal music lessons and being the youngest I followed in thier footsteps. My mother tells me that even though I was the youngest, she would often finding me at the piano composing my own little songs and it would always surprise her when she would step into the room to listen, because she expected it was my older sister or brothers playing on the piano. Music comes naturally to me. I hear melodies and can easily write music. Lyric writing started when I was 12 years old. I just started writing from my heart, like a prayer, and then added the music. Before I knew it I am 60+ songs into being a singer-songwriter and I just turned 17. I have a lot of old school influences like Carol King, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder. My parents introduced us to all different genres and I studied classical on my first instruments up through middle school years. I started playing music because it is what has surrounded me since I was in my mother's womb. She recorded a full album of her own music when she was carrying me, putting down the last vocal tracks before I was born. So I have never known life without music. I love music and it's a beautiful gift that is shared between each member of my family. Though I sometimes take influence from other singers-songwriters, I work really hard to sound like myself. I sing from my heart. I mean what I sing, and I sing what I mean. So if you listen to my songs you will find that I actually have either and experience I am singing about or I have something I want to communicate to the listener. I also have a lot of fun smiting lyrics. It's so great to paint a picture with words and then sing it! It's such a great feeling when you write a lyric and then you realize that just like a picture is worth a thousand worlds a good lyric is worth a million worlds

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This Indie/Alternative band MAKO signals the re-emergence of Declan O’Shea and Christian Montagne, former members of acclaimed band Cyclefly,

Declan O'Shea and Christian Montagne are the brains behind the Irish/French Rock group MAKO.

Before launching MAKO the two were members of the beloved acclaimed band Cyclefly.  In Cyclefly they toured Ireland, the U.K, Europe and the U.S.A extensively sharing the stage with bands such as Bush, Live, Iggy pop, Linkin Park etc..... after the end of Cyclefly they regrouped and form MAKO. The new group quickly grabbed the attention of  fans and critics alike , even earning recognition from the  The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences who placed Mako on the Official Ballot for the 2011 Grammy Awards in four separate categories for their debut album  "Living On Air" 

MAKO retains the edgy alt-rock sound that gathered so many fans for Cyclefly, yet it has a mellow maturity reflecting pair’s growth as songwriters and as musicians. The kind of development and maturity that only comes from experience, raw talent and hard work. All of these traits are on full display in there glory on the brand new single "WORLD SET ALIGHT" is out now. The single is taken out of the forthcoming second studio album to come out late 2016 


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(IAM)WARFACE is an Electro Rock band formed in Brighton in 2015 consisting of Matt Warface, Lou Matthews, Matt Whitehead and Alex Whibley. The name is a metaphor for their own style of bombastic high-energy music. (IAM)WARFACE has taken the pop route, but keeps it dangerous with a fusion of 80’s style vocals, abstract guitars, moody layered synth riffs and pounding drum beats. (IAM)WARFACE have been influenced by many peers such as Muse, Big Black Delta, Nero, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys and MGMT. Debut EP "Say My Name" released April 20th 2016. 

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Halley comes from a musical family - her dad ran a record store for decades - and was always around music, so playing music came pretty naturally: She started playing cello at age 9. Interestingly, she wanted to play bass, initially, like her dad. It just so happened that there was a new kid in her class who wanted to play bass also, so Halley gave up the bass to that kid to make her feel a bit more welcome. Consequently, Halley "moved up" one instrument, to the cello, loved it, and stuck with it. 

Halley Feaster is anything but what one would expect from a “cellist”. Playing both an acoustic cello and a 6-string electric cello, her music ranges from sweet Folk to brutal Metal without compromise. With her first paid gigs at age 13, and already a die-hard Metal Head, Halley attended Berklee College of Music in her pursuit of making Cello Rock her own. Graduating right into the housing market crash of 2008 and the subsequent recession, she decided to make a virtue out of necessity and started creating her own gigs (since there weren't any). What followed was a wild roller coaster ride: She founded a music production company, Rock Solid Productions, while holding various other jobs including positions in real estate and CD-manufacturing. Meanwhile she kept playing cello and bass in cover bands, music history lectures, film scores, pitorchestras and local Symphonies. Always focused on her own music, Halley continued to raise funds and record for “CelloVein: Bad Cellist” for over 7 years. Halley is a passionate advocate for music and the arts. She serves as a committee leader of the Long Beach Island Arts Council and continues working with the Island's Foundation for the Arts and Sciences as well as the New Jersey Library System to bring music and culture to the Jersey Shore. She is also a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy (Grammy Foundation) and of the American Federation of Musicians. Halley has performed and recorded with a great variety of artists including The Dropkick Murphys, Steve Winwood, Gloria Estefan, Herbie Hancock, Esperanza Spalding, Judith de los Santos, Jon Finn, and many more.


What is CelloVein?
CelloVein is less a “band name” and more of a pseudonym for Rock Cellist Halley Feaster. Even since beginning playing the cello at the age of nine, she had no intention of becoming a classical cellist (much to the dismay and confusion of some of her teachers). The music that spoke to her the most directly has always been blues, rock, and metal. Think of Halley as a guitarist trapped in a cellist’s body.What can I expect to hear on Bad Cellist? It’s a cello, so, classical? Or what?Hear the guitar tracks on the album? Yeah… those are cellos. I know they sound like guitars, but they aren’t. Except for segments of Stairway to Heaven, where Jon Finn was kind enough to lay down some sweet 12-string acoustic guitar, the only instruments you’re hearing on this whole album are Cellos (Acoustic and Electric), Electric Bass, Drums and Percussion, Vocals,and a Viola. Bad Cellist features Halley Feaster’s original compositions, in a broad spectrum of genres: Sweet, folky ballads with a twist, like I Can’t Forget and September. Angrier, more aggressive rock with Anger and Isle of Apollo. Psychedelic Blues/Rock in Bleus, and straight up Metal with Flight and Wicked. Covers White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) and Stairway to Heaven (Ledzeppelin) make the icing on the cake.


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In true Nigel Purcell Trio style, All plans have changed, there will be three compilations/playlists upped to Youtube in the next few months called "Yet another evening with The Nigel Purcell Trio" which contain instrumentals, A single called "A Place of Reflection" b/w Gratuitous Prog" is out now via erdingtonsound

Then there will be "What? No Drums" volume 1 and 2, which is exactly what it says, songs with no drums and/or percussion.

There will be two new ones on Volume 2


The CDs that were available have been deleted...Not enough sales! so it's back to digital downloads only.

Website and videos:






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Juliet Tango is beautifully packaged dynamite. This guy & girl duo hail from the same soggy corner of the pacific northwest that that gave us Nirvana. While this has undoubtedly influenced their music, Juliet Tango has infused their sound with a melodic twist and an energy entirely their own.
Joe and Ripley Ty met in 2002 under a flickering streetlight at the corner of 4th and Washington Streets in downtown Olympia. Joe jokingly told the young Ripley right then that he would be her new best friend, unbeknownst to either of them how true the statement would eventually be.
Fast-forward a decade or so, and they crossed paths again on the same Olympia corner. Joe asked what Ripley wanted to do that night, to hear simply, “I want to go fast!” Joe lead the way to the 1968 Charger he had parked around the corner, and they have yet to slow down.
With a mutual love of music, mischief, and general dare-devilry, Juliet Tango was born.
Their new project kicked off with a harrowing 4000 mile journey to Austin, TX and back, in their barely running version of the A-Team van, to play at the South by Southwest music festival. Along the way they were met with every variety of obstacle one can meet with on the road, from car wrecks and blown radiator hoses to something that very suspiciously resembled quicksand and treated their van accordingly, but they couldn't be stopped (as referenced in The Guardian Online in March of 2016 http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2016/mar/20/sxsw-2016-festival-austin-performers). In Austin, and in multiple towns on the way home (from El Paso to Las Vegas), they captured the attention and praise of everyone they met. The crackling and infectious energy that Juliet Tango brings to every live performance is only a small part of what makes them loved.
Front man Joe Ty is a raw and natural talent who has opened for the likes of country legends David Allen Coe & Hank Williams III in previous projects and shared the stage with Anti-Flag and Tom Morello, amongst many others. He is able to seamlessly glide between all of the musical influences Juliet Tango draws from (everything from blues to outlaw country and grunge). This paired with how much the duo genuinely love what they do translates into an unforgettable performance experience and a set of well crafted and endlessly listenable music .
Juliet Tango just finished recording a short demo, and is currently working on their first full length album. 
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Short bio and why I started making music ; 
I was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to Montreal at the age of ten where I discovered stuff like guitar hero and school of rock. Those two things basically got me wanting to learn guitar, which I did with the help of youtube. In high school I met lots of other musicians and we started a band. Once in a band I started composing songs. The lack of motivation of my band mates made me want to make music on my own. Since then I've been making different kinds of music with Ableton. Now I'm studying music in college in hopes of making a career out of it. 
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I’ve Always had a passion for music. At a younger age i got introduced into it, my uncle used to come and practice with his band at home so i guess i can say it runs in the family. at about 16  years old i would lock myself in my room Blast the music like any other teen but i would practice singing i still enjoy doing it. Then later on i discovered a platform for creating music it was very new to me. I didn’t know where to begin so i just started to experiment with it and soon enough i realised i had a talent and the ears for it, Ever since i’ve been on a quest to share my Visions to the world trying to showcase something different by painting a picture and Bringing everyone together using music. I don’t know how we would truly express our feelings and thoughts if music never existed...



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I started learning the guitar when I was 8, because my older brother started taking lessons.  I took some lessons and had a great mentor early on who wrote his own songs. By the time I was 10, I was playing in a band with my brother and our neighbor, who was an excellent drummer. They were several years older than me, and they decided to form a high school band. I was too young, so I was left out. This forced me to take the lead role as singer/songwriter at an early age of any bands that I put together. By the time I was 14, I was booking and playing original music in night clubs with my hands and setting up lights and sound. I also did my first studio recording at 14. I worked at it for the next ten years, owned a studio and released several records before I took an extended hiatus at the age of 24 to provide for my family.  Much of my bio information can be found on my website as well as free downloads of my last record. 


Music website, videos, and songs. 






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UK Musician/Songwriter Dominic Lack makes indie ish music with an often electronic vibe ably assisted by various like minded individuals.
Each song is often a mini story broken down into song form. These can be strange sci-fi ideas or domestic dramas but always interesting. Relax , listen and breathe in the music...

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Music is a word that to me has no set definition and has infinite possibilities so It will forever be a language that anybody can understand and relate to in my case I fell in love with Hip Hop music and it's culture...I started writing songs at the age of 12 with one goal in mind make it in the industry and become the 1st superstar rap artist from Montreal and forever be engraved in history. Eventually I want to own my own record label..but right now I have built my own studio and am able to record music everyday which in itself is a dream come true. My name is Eric Cuevas I am simply a kid still believing in my dreams.



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With "Shadows and Fragments" Luca Burgalassi wants to bring his own original songs, all written and arranged by him, on tour, live, together with other blues and jazz traditionals. An amazing journey, almost completely "unplugged", through the different areas, sounds and languages that have characterized the growth of twentieth century music: from the folk roots of the medieval ballads and Irish tunes, to American country music; from the plantation blues through the swing of the 20’s and the Jazz of the 40’s; from the 60’s beat, to acoustic rock of the 70’s’. A musical trip down history lane uniquely interpreted by Luca Burgalassi and his band.

"Luca’s songs are very well textured.. There is a newness to the blues songs. Some Pop worked in there with some Jazz.. Very nice… great job… nice voice" Johnny Max - Radio Blues Canada

The Album:

"Shadows and Fragments", released in 2015 by Videoradio Edizioni Musicali, contains ten original songs. The genre is a colorful mix of folk, country, blues, jazz, and rock influenced themes, all written and sung by Luca. The songs are in English, arranged and recorded with live acoustic instruments, including acoustic guitars and folk instruments, such as: dobro, banjo, mandolin, violin, cello, double-bass, accordion, drums and percussions.

"…"Shadows and Fragments" is a sort of passage through my life, from past to present. Many of the songs had been written years ago, and left, unfinished, on an old pad, until I decided to pick them up again, breathe new life into the words, rejuvenate old tracks, compose anew the shadows and fragments that have accompanied me through the years…"

"Shadows" and "Fragments" are also the first and last songs of the album. Followed by "Orange Rooms", inspired by the life of Amedeo Modigliani, recounting the last days of his life in Paris and his relationship with Livorno; "Lord Randal", an original version of a Traditional Scottish medieval ballad composed by Luca Burgalassi, guest starring the English singer Wendy Nieper (Swingle Singers); two acoustic blues numbers, "Highs and Lows" and "Starless Night Blues"; and the instrumental track, "34, Orange Road", with finger-picking guitar in Open D tuning.

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This is Twintwomusic he is Rapper from Yorkshire, he has released an EP in 2016 named Mr Winterburn which ended in the hands of Obama as well. Hear all his latest releases in this article, and follow all his social media 

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