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Apr 8, 2016 1:13 PM

Love his songs and his lyrics a lot, he is also a kind person when you talk with him. Read my review below and follow him on twitter and soundcloud. Added mp3 files of this rapper you can listen, click on the links and give comments and votes beneath this review. Also share this as much as you can to support the artist.


Influences: Notorious BIG, BIG L, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Busta Rhymes, Rick James, Teena Marie, Erykah Badu, 36 Mafia and many more (lol)
I grew up in Tooting bec, South London with my mum who was a single parent.
I couldn't speak till i was 5 years old and had to go to various speech therapy classes but was always noted as being creative.
By the age of 6 i was writing poems and managed to get one published in a book called 'poetic voyagers' which include other classmates from my primary school.
As my mum listened to various music, i developed a love for music and wanted to recreate them and first started rapping at 8, but couldn't formulate my words as i had a speech problem so gave it up very quickly until i was 15 and my late friend Manicz influenced me to write bars and record tracks with him and from then i was MC'ing to Grime instrumentals as an hobbie.
I only took music seriously when i started college at 17 and me and Manicz started formulating an idea of taking our music to another level. By this time i was homeless and Manicz was deported to Ghana and died out there, and the news made me more determined to finish the idea i had with one of my closest friends.
I got into contact with the Amy Winehouse foundation shortly afterwards and recorded my first E.P, but didn't release it as a couple tracks i shouted out a team i left on bad terms.
I then took a year to improve my flow and lyrical content and in 2015 formulated an idea to make my first mixtape 'JD & Coke', which was released on the 12/11/2015.


Above is his biography and what he wrote me, now my review of this rapper. This rapper used to have a speech disorder could only talk when he was 5 years old. Despite this problem he went still rapping. you hear his voice in the songs It fits well in the melodies of his songs. some pieces are quiet and some pieces are fast. He would transfer a message in his lyrics. I like this when singers do this, if they have had a difficult time. So you better listen to the lyrics in his rap. My rating a good rapper with good lyrics pleasant to listen


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