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" This duo totally fits together, one has a marvelous higher and calmer vocal sound and the other has a lower and deeper vocal sound. Also, because the voices are so different vocally when they sing together, it makes them one piece.  the songwriting is also amazing it really hits you inside when you hear them sing it. This duo is really top talent, and for sure they deserve a talent profile on Chatsong"

Every Lovely Thing is a music duo from Dayton, Ohio formed by singer-songwriters Marianne Kesler and Kate Stanton. Following a decade long friendship, the two decided over coffee to try writing a song together. Sharing lifelong passions for music, they had no idea what was in store for them. One song turned into ten, monthly co-writing into weekly sessions. Before long the duo, dubbed Every Lovely Thing, was on their way to St. Louis to record their first single “Running” with producer Ben Kesler. 

Every Lovely Thing's music offers audio landscapes with introspective and poetic lyrics ~ ambient dream pop that may incorporate beats and electronic elements with their emerging signature sound features Kate on piano, keyboard, and synths, with Marianne adding acoustic guitar on most songs, often in a finger-picking style. Kate handles lead vocals on many of the songs with Marianne supplying the counter-parts and harmonies.

Just released April 2018 ~ the second Every Lovely Thing song single "Not the Only One"! 
You can follow along as they build their online presence on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram! Their songs are available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, & other online sources for digital music, as well as playing on Spotify and streaming music sites!

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I am a local independent artist in Northern Virginia. I've been working on my music independently since 2013. My music is message driven, similar to hip hop artist like Talib Kwali and J. Cole. I'm a big supporter of indie music and I'm working to grow my music and fan base. I have released my official album Legends and Music in 2014 under Tate Music Group, who are currently in owner transition. I have released several singles since then, with the latest being Hunger Games & Unbelievable featuring Warren Young. My newest single Hero's feat BetaPSI. I feel this is a great record with a good message. My goal is to expose positive music that encourages my fans to believe in themselves. I am also doing a virtual streaming tour called Hero's Stream Tour. I've been working on #wowapp to help support and show other indie artist how to create success within their music through social media resources.

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Saboteurs formed in Lincoln UK in late 2015. Ben Ellis (vocals/guitars) was performing solo acoustic originals and playing in folk-punk band Dog Goblins while Rick Whitehead (guitars/vocals) had been lead songwriter and guitarist in an alt-metal band, Tripswitch. When Warren ‘Wozza’ Nel joined on drums in 2016, the band hit the road racking up countless gigs, including several festivals slots. Lizzie Clarke (ex-Almaboobies) took over on bass in 2017 bringing her own brand of hyper stage presence to the band's live performances.

‘We have a diverse range of musical influences including New Model Army, Tool, Queens of The Stone Age, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Siouxsie And The Banshees. Above all, our music is totally and utterly from our hearts. When we first got together we realized that trying to scratch every one of our musical itches would be a tall order. But we knew how much music meant to each of us and that we didn’t much care for trends. We were all experienced musicians with our own individual tastes, backgrounds, and tales to tell and we threw it all into the melting pot to create the sound we have now.


We released our debut EP, simply titled  ‘Saboteurs’ (link Spotify), on 2 February 2018. The first track, ‘Nobody Knows Me Like You’, is about personal failings and mental health. It's about questioning yourself and those closest to you. Asking as a person, father, mother, or friend; ‘Am I coping?’, ‘Where do you go from here?’, or ‘What are you working on at the moment’? Well, for now, we're looking forward to more gigs across the UK and Europe and playing some more festivals in the summer. But we hope to return to the studio soon to continue our journey'


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" he starts to sing and he starts with a very lovely deep lower vocal. It is pure and calm, but he can sing higher notes as well which are really pure and controlled as well. This singer-songwriter is for sure a very talented singer-songwriter and with that vocal sound, he will get lots of fans, radio plays, and tours"


This is singer-songwriter Hayden Stanford, he hasn't got a biography. When he has written one later I will add it.

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Hemmingway was formed by CeCe Hemmings and David Moriaty. They joined forces after meeting at one of CeCe's On the Pulse multimedia events in Chelmsford. Both had a dream of creating an innovative sound, coupled with hooks that create a deep connection with their audience, using elements of drum n bass, dubstep, punk, electro, and pop. Their unique style has been described as, "Siouxsie paying homage to Amy Winehouse over modern, fresh beats".Their debut, self-titled EP was released in September 2016, which includes their debut single, 'Rise Again', released in July 2016, which received tons of support, being played on BBC Introducing, Phoenix FM, Miskin Radio, Colne FM and CCR FM. Last year, they clocked up an impressive 60+ gigs this year, including performances at Cosmic Puffin Festival and Eight Ash Green Festival. They were also invited to record a number of live radio podcasts for Seacroft Sessions, Paul Dupree, Michelle Ward, Chay Appleyard and Loxley's Corner to name a few. Lyrically, they do not shy away from controversy. Their songs range from commenting on domestic violence, immigration, and austerity to name a few. Always socially conscious, they hope to strike a chord in people's hearts, whilst shaking the foundations of every venue they play with their huge sound


INFLUENCES:  Skrillex, Rudimental, Disclosure, Nirvana, Muse, The Killers, and Kings of Leon, Siouxie and the Banshees, Blondie.

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"They immediately start to sing after the beautiful country tunes, such as guitars and drums and other instrumental tunes. The lyrics are lovely written, easy to understand and to remember which makes you want to dance on it and sing along with it. This band has a lovely energetic vibe, the song is catchy and even you hear typical country tunes back in it. They sure create a new country style as a band, with their debut single. I hear much potential in this country band, they have it all to become a new band in the country scene."



The Denim Daddies are five long, lost ‘brothers’ from Alberta trying to navigate the weird & wild world that is modern country music.

Born out of a drink at a dive bar in Edmonton, Alberta, The Denim Daddies are five long, lost ‘brothers’ trying to navigate the weird & wild world that is modern country music. The Denim Daddies are a shot of the old’ outlaws attitude mixed with the modernism of alt-country and a splash of the Nashville sound, all glassed in the high-powered sound of a dynamic live band. The Denim Daddies attribute their recognizable sound to their influences which only begin with Sturgill Simpson, Flying Burrito Brothers, and John Prine to name a few. Their songwriting blends politically and socially charged themes with simple, down to earth lyrics, which are layered atop intense and intricate parts with tight vocal harmonies and a rippin' rhythm section.
the lines between country and rock these dance floor troubadours are embracing the resurgence and new sounds of modern country music. From dirty cowboy bars to hipster juke joints, to sweaty basements, The Denim Daddies appeal to every country music stereotype.

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Krosst out has an incredible talent in rap, and he has also received an award for recording artist, which he totally deserves. His freestyling is amazing, and if he continues with the rap sound he has used in " The Death Of Me " along with  "I don't care" "Life of the Party" and "Skincrawler" he will come very far with his talent and will be going to perform worldwide 



Music has always been in the blood of this young small town raised rapper. At an early age, he was introduced to the piano, where he took weekly lessons. As a teenager, he discovered the bass guitar which he took to learning and playing in various groups around town. It was during this time that he also developed his skills in rapping. 

Influenced early on by artists such as Manafest, Eminem, Underoath, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Vinnie Paz, Nas, and Marilyn Manson, the punk rocker/rapper takes what he was raised on and spits it into a fusion style. He finds himself curating a certain motif that reflects both his musical taste and the fact that he grew up in a town of 3000 people. Maybe it’s his Wheaties, or maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t care about critical acclaim, but this man finds it easier to offend and amuse than others. He brings a certain truth to his music, a rawness, and is not one to shy away from his past. 

No matter how you say you know him, it’s undeniable, the passion he has for his music. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Krosst Out. 

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"Her voice is really high and so pure, Each note she sings she hits beautifully. This singer-songwriter is incredibly talented, her lyrics are as well amazingly written. The way she sings these lyrics is really good, this is a top talent. I hear a lot of potential in this young singer-songwriter"


“Laura Brierley is a 19 year old singer/songwriter currently studying in Nottingham. She has been writing songs since the age of 11 and her main influences are Kate Bush, London Grammar, Tom Odell and Florence + The Machine.



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her management has forwarded her to Chatsong, their name is Lost in Sound management website

I am really impressed by this singer-songwriter and her first single, I am really curious about her newer release. She has it all lyrics, vocals and an amazing produced pop music single


Hana Brooks broke onto the indie pop scene during November 2017 and now returns with her new track 'Used To Be', where a heartbreaking vocal is layered on a groove of urban bass and beats, tropical synths and ambient guitars.Brooks' debut release 'Leave It' was reviewed and playlisted globally over 40 times, gaining airplay in the USA and Europe.

The music video, filmed in California, and live streamed performance collectively picked up 50,000 hits on facebook in 2 days.The new release 'Used To Be' is picking straight UP where the previous single left off and has been produced and mixed by Nick Bennett (London Grammar/Asgeir). To support the release a launch party at the world-renowned music club The Troubadour in Earls Court, London UK on 28th February 2018


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"hard-hitting drum sounds. Then, the lead singer starts to sing and it is really beautiful, totally fits the style of the genre. I like the melodic touch with the amazing high vocal sound."


This rock band is Silent Hearts, hailing from Marblehead, Ohio, is a band that draws influence from various rock artists. Officially founded in January 2017, the members that comprise Silent Hearts collectively have decades of experience in the aspects of the music business, performance, and production.

Comprehensively, Silent Hearts hopes to be an outlet for people to express their feelings and desires when they feel like they cannot do it any other way. Silent Hearts wants to instill hope for the hopeless and be a voice for the voiceless.


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"Her voice the way how she sings the octaves, calm and high but in a dreamy way is really magical. Wow, I am really impressed this is top quality vocal performances"


Deleo is the new indie-rock duo of the Montpellier scene. Has a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, Later, and a young talented singer, currently a student at the Conservatory, Eléonore.

From the meeting of these two passionate Anglo-Saxon musicians was born the evidence of an artistic fusion. Evidence confirmed listening to their first titles and their passages noticed on stage. These two are made to get along, and we, to listen to them. Eleanor's aerial voice vibrates with sensuality on Later's delicate guitars. He has kept his adolescent passions for the pillars of the new wave that are The Cure, U2 or Depeche Mode, the taste of dark melodies spiced with impulses pop rock formidable effective. Over the years, his compositions have been enriched with influences as eclectic as electric: PJ Harvey, Archive, Mogwai, Placebo, Foals, Starsailor, etc...

This melancholy duo offers us panoramic creative sounds of imaginary landscapes as vast as they are subtle. All performed in Deleo's personal laboratory, a demanding and prolific group. 

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"This singer-songwriter has a wonderful acoustic reach, and all so pure and strong."


This is singer-songwriter Sharon West she is from Yorkshire in the UK, Sharon started working professionally as a singer when she was 20, performing with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moving onto working with original bands in more recent years


Hailing from Yorkshire in the UK, Sharon started working professionally as a singer when she was 20, performing with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moving onto working with original bands in more recent years.

Sharon has played at a wide range of live music venues and music festivals over the years and has always had a huge passion for music which has inspired her creativity. During this period of performing, Sharon developed her love of songwriting and after being encouraged by a friend and fellow songwriter who recognized her writing ability she began to record her own music.

Sharon says that her writing style comes from having very eclectic musical tastes and a love of a wide range of genres, although she admits is an 80s girl at heart. She was hugely influenced by the 80’s music scene and counts George Michael, Alison Moyet and the electronic sounds of the decade as some of her real musical loves. Her music is based on her own personal experiences and those of the people around her and feels that this is very much reflected in the songs that she writes. Love, life, and loss are featured very heavily in her writing and she feels this helps her audience to relate to her on both a personal and musical level.

Her first single “Breathe” was released on the 24th July 2017 and has been hugely successful, gaining her thousands of followers, giving her airplay across the globe and significantly raising her public and social media profiles. Her newest track is entitled “Blindsided” and was released on 20th November. Both tracks will be featured on her forthcoming album “Revelation” which is due for completion in the late Spring of 2018.

In recent months Sharon has obtained PR representation which has enabled her to reach a wider audience including being featured in the December issue of DNA magazine, being interviewed for local and online radio stations and developing an army of fans around the world

Sharon is spending as much time as she can in the studio, writing and recording and creating more wonderful songs to share with her ever-increasing fan base and will continue to work tirelessly to share her music with an ever-growing audience.



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Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos was born in Venezuela and grew up in Grenada. He is the undefeated freestyle Champ of Grenada until moving to N.Y. in 2012. In 2007 he enters the soca scene with the smash hit "Leave De Girl". Since then he has performed with artists such as Lava Man, Iwer George, Skinny Fabolous and more. On moving to America he has put out social hip hop such as "Sellout" and "Streets are Alive" which will be featured in the upcoming tv series Brooklyn Blues which he also wrote and recorded the theme for. Now armed with new soca hits he is looking to make his name in the American music industry with his soca and hip-hop.

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When he opens his mouth, wow I get immediately goosebumps. He is a very beautiful vocal, high and pure. This is really world-class music, it is a high potential for a trending worldwide hit song. He is a top performer, with an amazing vocal reach



Conversing with Oceans is the solo music project of Alex Bondarev.

His narrative begins in Grozny, formerly of Russia, when the unrest of war led him and his family to immigrate first to India, and then to the Bronx. Having music as his anchor from an early age and as a self-taught musician, he started his first band (A Moment’s Worth) with his best friends from grammar school. Their brand of optimistic rock resonated with audiences as they made front page news of New York Press, won the first College Battle of the Bands (alumni include Mike Posner & Local Natives), and received the Elfenworks Social Justice Award for their song “Dedicate.”

Following the award, Alex and Elfenworks began their official partnership, working together to spread a message of hope. He has since composed music for Google and had placements in national television ads and programs. His compositions have over a million streams on SoundCloud.

Bondarev describes Conversing with Oceans as an even more authentic version of his voice, combining a devotion to melody with his characteristically introspective lyrical style. Collaborating with the team behind the Grammy-nominated “A Color Map of the Sun” (Pretty Lights), he spent the majority of the previous year in the studio honing his new songs, while steadily growing his audience at some of NYC’s most trusted venues (Rockwood Music Hall, Webster Hall & The Bitter End).

CWO's first single "The Gold Rush" led to a one-on-one showcase with Randy Jackson at the 2016 SXSW and quickly followed with a global distribution deal with Sony's The Orchard. The debut EP "PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE." premiered on Atwood Magazine and featured a collaboration with the Grammy-nominated John Forté, who co-wrote and produced Fugees’ groundbreaking LP The Score.

Trilogy, the third EP with producer-engineer Tim O'Sullivan (Childish Gambino, Anderson .Paak), is available everywhere now via The Orchard.


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"I hear a lot of potential in this young singer and feel she can become known worldwide she hits all the notes from the start easily and it sounds all pure"



Lissy is a young up and coming singer-songwriter with her own distinctive vocal sound and signature acoustic style who has performed in Kentucky, Tennessee USA, and England.  Born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, England,  Lissy has spent the last two and a half years living in Lexington Kentucky USA.  The Southern US influence combined with her smooth vocals and lyrics will captivate and transcend you into a unique blend of Americana, Pop, and Blues.  


In April 2016 Lissy was one of the winning acts of a Battle of the Bands competition at Eastern Kentucky University and then went on to be nominated for 3 music awards and perform at Lexifest festival, The Lyric Theatre, WKYT CBS TV, ABC36 TV, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and Red Barn Radio.  Since arriving back in England July 2017 Lissy has featured on several radio stations including BBC Radio Stoke and was delighted to open the Mainstage at LeeFest -The Neverland for Headliner Jake Bugg on August 11th.


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"She is vocally very strong in some songs and has made very amazing songs and she for sure deserves to be heard around the world by radio stations, fans, festivals, labels and anything else"



Bisola is a UK based singer-songwriter delivering inspirational music in a Soul Pop style. With a passion to touch and motivate people through catchy lyrics and infectious hooks, her life-affirming and emotive songs have delighted audiences since the release of her first single ‘Need a little Love‘ in 2012.

In April 2013, she released her debut EP ‘Holding on to the light’ – a collection of heartfelt, uplifting original songs. Tracks from the EP received radio airplay on Best of British Unsigned, Premier Radio and a host of internet radio stations. 

Bisola has featured in a number of online magazines and blogs for her music including the influential The Voice Newspaper. Her motivational single ‘The Impossible‘ proved really popular, striking a chord with music lovers peaking at No. 5 in the Indie charts (soul genre) in 2014.

Bisola is known for her energetic and compelling live performances and has graced the stages of renowned London venues like The Bedford, Proud Camden, Hard Rock Cafe, Zigfried von Underbelly (I luv Live feature performance) as well as headlined at the highly regarded Nottinghill Arts Club.

Achieving runner-up position for songwriting in the 2014 Song of the Year competition and being shortlisted for other songwriting competitions has inspired Bisola to continue writing and recording refreshing, yet thought to provoke music.

Bisola wrote original music and acted as Musical Director for the London West End stage production ‘Hannah – The Iyawo‘.  Her single ‘Million Miles’ released in January 2017 achieved the no.1 spot on a US radio chart show shortly after it’s release. Bisola’s 2nd EP ‘Lessons My Mama Taught Me‘ which features a mix of songs covering issues of loss, love and making the most of every opportunity, is out now and available on all digital music platforms.

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