@EricCueavas_ twitter

@EricCueavas_ twitter

Apr 15, 2016 12:55 PM

This is eric cuavas from montreal he makes hiphop, read my review on chatsong. Listen to his music and give votes and comments beneath this review. Share this talented rapper as much as you can, he need to be heard around the world.

Music is a word that to me has no set definition and has infinite possibilities so It will forever be a language that anybody can understand and relate to in my case I fell in love with Hip Hop music and it's culture...I started writing songs at the age of 12 with one goal in mind make it in the industry and become the 1st superstar rap artist from Montreal and forever be engraved in history. Eventually I want to own my own record label..but right now I have built my own studio and am able to record music everyday which in itself is a dream come true. My name is Eric Cuevas I am simply a kid still believing in my dreams...This year I am trying to amp the work rate and release 5 projects....All roads lead to Rome...but I walk the  KingsRoad ...so sooner or later I will have my crown..


That is what he wrote to me I like his spirit and he always improves himself

He inspires other musicians like his friend, who is also on future musicians page. That means this fellow gives you inspiration in life. Ask him for advice if you want to begin with hip hop, he is an expert in his area. He started at a young age with a dream, that's why you never must give up If you have a goal you will succeed with a little help to you and your music.  This will help him get more music listeners from other countries, or maybe a record label. When they hear his tracks Because I think he is worth it, when I listen to his tracks he has a message. I like musicians with a message too others or too the world. I love the  lyrics he makes that's why you need to listen good to his songs. Because he wrote awesome lyrics, with a message. Below you fans and visitors can listen and let him know, if you like his tracks just as I do.


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