@Awareness_The twitter

@Awareness_The twitter

Jul 10, 2016 5:31 PM

This band has a lot of fans over the world, but they wanted on chatsong. So i did a review of them. Click on the link and give votes or comment in the , beneath this review.



This band the Awareness

They make rock music and for sure they can rock, they are from Canada. Have listened a lot rock music over the last few years, I am big fan of rock music too when you put your headphones on and start listen to their music, you wont stop you want to listen all the time to them it rocks. Real instruments is where music began with many years ago. This is real good music I subscribe on their you tube channel. Will you do too you have to follow this guys and their music because its real pretty to hear it my opinion is this band is way better than nickel back, no offense to fans of nickel back. And for sure way better than some famous bands in my country, I would for sure buy some day a ticket when they become famous in the music industry. They are on the way to rock in the music industry they have already 26.000 followers on twitter, but when you listen to them you know why this is. Because they are a band with good music it rocks good love to let you all know their music, wherever you live in this world. Share this review as much as you can, they are so damned good. This is material for radiostations and music television channels, I am a big fan of these artist. 




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