@Lemonade_kid twitter

@Lemonade_kid twitter

Apr 20, 2016 11:01 AM

Lemonade Kid is an Indie/Electronic musician from the wild west midlands... Indie music in lemonade slices! Read me review on chatsong and give votes or comments beneath this review.

Sleep Tonight , Wake Tomorrow' and 'Dust Breeding' were the lead singles from my recent LP 'We Are Still The Same'. A bit of a contrast in styles. 'Dust Breeding' has just been in episode 4 of online web comedy 'That's Not A Thing'.
'Beneath Black Rain' was b side of the Rising single and was recently featured on the factory fast compilation album 'Behind The Mirror'.
I guess what i'm making is Indie/Electronic music though heading down more electronic routes at the moment due to the musicians i work with being 100 miles away! I can always remember making music even from the age of 4 upwards! I suppose now i always will.Looking back on what ive recorded over the years i guess it's a bit like a diary and songs seem to take on different meanings as time passes...
Have included links to my Spotify , Soundcloud & Twitter.
Cheers , Dominic (Lemonade Kid)
Above is  the reason  why he decide to make music and information about his tracks.

The singer is singing with electronic music in his songs, this guy brings a message in his songs. This is something that I prefer as a music listener, this singer used quiet melodies in his song. I find it very enjoyable to listen to his voice. When you are listening, you become calm in yourself. It is a pleasure to listen to his voice. Therefore, he earned a spot on the music platform more known in this world. I am Glad he makes music for you as listeners. He is also nice as a person. This singer has long been involved with music which can be read in his biography. Has a busy life with music and his family, despite of this he continues, which look pretty powerful of this singer and composer. With this inner persistence he will get far in the music industry hope you visitors and listeners will find it too, he earned a place to grow as well-known musician. This artist has been broadcasted in the meanwhile on several radiostation, and that is  lovely to see how more known this artist is at the moment. 



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