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May 2, 2016 10:59 AM

I'm a #HipHopArtist a #NewArtist a #FreshArtist & a #UniqueArtist Read my review about this fresh musician on chatsong, click on the links give comments or votes beneath this review.

I make music because my moms homeless and my siblings are capable off success but money hinders that success. So I do this ultimately to find financial stability, but also because I've wasted so many talents, this won't be another one.

WHO AM I?!? ,My Name is Charles aka (Chuck Buck) born, 09/30/92. I'm just that guy who missed out on his opportunity to have a promising football career and instead chose to make a few bad decisions and lost his sight, and hence, lost his dream. This right here; Making music is my new dream, I WILL MAKE IT THIS TIME. This is my dream , this is my passion, this is original, & this is WHO I AM!!


 Above you can read why he decided to make music.

Now my review about this unsigned musician, the rapper has made the right choice to make music. Delicious beats he used in his rap songs, my god what I think this is great to hear. From Football player to rapper is quite a deal, the best choice he made in his life. His voice is pretty cool with the beats that he used, And he used a message to the listeners of his rap songs, Rappers definitely belong to my category that is why I want to listen to their music. The rapper you should listen to his songs, I find it wonderful to listen to. Every song I listened to now, I have no comment on. I bet your that if he should rap in a battle that he certainly wins. The rapper will achieve his career quickly with his talent, Am glad that I could write about him, so i may introduce you to his great rap songs. I have Become a real fan hopefully you also, who clicks on its link URL below. This is top quality rap. I am impressed with his rap songs he made, can't wait on his next songs in the future. And follow this amazing rapper on his social media, but rather I would you to share this new fresh musician platform, just as fresh as he is with rapping. When you do share this article and platform, how more people get to know your music in any countries. Increase fans, downloads and selling not only local, but also national. This i really want for this rapper for example.



https://t.co/WEGVy4hWeT SOUNDCLOUD

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