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No I am not a signed artist. I write my own songs and sing them. I write mostly Country ,some with a Folk feel to them.I have always been inspired by Patsy Cline,Loretta Lynn and the great women of Country Music. Read my review of this singer songwriter on chatsong, give comments and votes below in the disqus beneath this review.


I have always loved music and discovered at 8 years old I could create poetry just out of the blue but it was actually friends and acquaintances who persuaded and coaxed me into creating my first album.

I am a small town country girl, Country to the core.I write my own songs and sing them. I am an Indie artist leaving out all the middle men. My Genres are Country and Folk music.Many people like what I create. Some of my lyrics are explicit but sometimes especially in a protest song strong words are needed to get the message across and to wake people up, make them listen, and act. I do not apologize for my lyrics as I create what I've experienced and what I feel. No one has to agree with me but don't condemn me either. I am a solo artist and an individualist. I've survived many hardships and I'm a strong willed person. I hate Bullying, Liars, Cheaters with a passion.

 her reason why she decides to make music, and biography and vision.





Now to the review of this singer songwriter. The singer sings country music I have recently, written a review about a country singer. That was a celebrity in country area, but this singer definitely belongs thereby. Country is a different type of music, you like it or you do not like it. I listen to many genres there too country also belongs. Like her voice sound very warm and quiet, you can hear her voice very well, and a lot of experience in her voice. She sings beautifully to the rhythm of the music. The songs you hear a lot of instruments beautiful, as her voice. The lyrics are beautiful to listen to, and she shares a message in the songs. What i always love if I compare it with the celebrity also reviewed on this platform I find her secretly better. She also belongs to the top of country for sure, she will soon be a celebrity in this genre. This lady is also a warm person to talk with, but when you steal her lyrics or doing a cover she will sue you. “ So I warn you who have does it” Click on all the lyrics in this review or share this platform trough social media worldwide. That way you share also this good singer songwriter so she will be known worldwide, and she deserves it. 



https://artistsignal.com/ShirleyMaeSmithMusic here you can vote on the singer DO IT ;)




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