May 4, 2016 9:11 PM

Singer songwriter from Northwich UK. Let me tell you he has made 50 songs on his channel, Read my review here on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and votes beneath this review.


This singer from Northwich England has made a lot of songs a Massive fifty song catalogue on You Tube . He has a diverse selection which any music fan would appreciate . Now my review about the singer, from Northwich UK. What I notice is that this singer has a son with autism, the way he sings the Song 'Smile' is truly simply emotional and joyful at the same time. This singer is very musically stunning guitar work, beautiful written lyrics about ' how it feels like '. He has some songs which are filled with the Ibiza vibe dance feel finding beautiful melodies, I am always been a fan of vocals with dance or electronics, the singer is very diverse. I think it is also fun to hear different styles and creations. His voice is the most beautiful in its own songs and covers, because in those songs you hear his vocal talent which wonderful to listen too. If you listen further to earlier songs you hear that he also sings with backing vocals, this guy can sing well. Improved a lot even after earlier releases of his songs a few years ago, I say now but than I heard the song ' The Corridor ' , I so am impressed in that song ( A song which he wrote when his father passed away . Wow this singer has there a beautiful voice and a incredible talent , so he needs to be discovered. Wonderful how his stories reflected in the songs, in another song called ' what ever gets you through the day ' he plays his excellent guitar skills man he can Rock too. You have to listen the all of his songs, the singer is really a musical pleasure and talent to listen too. Very happy to showcase the talented singer to the readers of chat song, you are never to old to be discovered, this man proofs that!



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