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@pool_onmoon #EDM #housemusic #musicnews #musiclicensing #label

@pool_onmoon #EDM #housemusic #musicnews #musiclicensing #label

May 6, 2016 6:44 PM

My name's Paulo Dávalos, I'm a Mexican guy from Querétaro. I started with the music since I was 10, read my review of this young producer on chatsong. Listen to his songs and give votes and comments beneath this review, let me remind you he is under the 18 so he is very talented at that age.

My name's Paulo Dávalos, I'm a Mexican guy from Querétaro. I started with the music since I was 10, when I learned to play the guitar. I liked it so much, but it wasn't that important for me. Until something very hard for me happened: a very close relative of mine died. I was so sad and it was like if there wasn't a way to get through it, so I started to compose music for real, and then I realized music is more than notes and some chords, I really liked it. I started to produce music just a few months ago, I created the twitter and Soundcloud accounts, chose a name, made a logo and that's it. Here I am now. I'm 15 years old.

Above is a short biography, best sad to read and the reason why this young music producer has started with what he is doing now. Already find it great that we have the same passion, that's music. Music does a lot with people also to this musician. Then now my review about this young musician from Mexico, box of memories on YouTube is wonderful to listen to, very nicely created. Delicious electronic beats incorporated, Beautiful sounds in the song. Here I can a whole evening listening to, and i have just heard on track. The music tracks on sound cloud flashback is also nicely made, when you listen to it you hear the beats are amazing composed. In the category of progressive house has a delicious number produced this young producer, really amazed by what he can already at this young age. Delicious tracks makes this DJ various styles. This can played on a house festival or any other festival. If you like electronic house music, you should listen to this really. This is really a great musical boy who really should be heard, he also plays beautiful acoustics guitar. All his songs are super put together, this becomes very quickly a famous DJ on electronic area, mean only 15 years old and then this amazing dance tracks, what will he make in the future, am a big fan right now.






https://t.co/4RMdlaA6Pv SOUNDCLOUD



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