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May 9, 2016 10:11 PM

My Singer & Songwriter Project is named Ac G. this singer has stopped and reenter the music and glad he did it!, read the review of this talented singer songwriter on chatsong. Listen to the songs and give comments and votes, beneath this review.

The reason:
When i started as teen i just wanted to play electric guitar for fun, but it was that much fun that it became a big part of my life. From the first chord i've learned, i started composing, and that's the simple reason:  i love creating and playing music

a small Bio:
started with local heavy metal bands
moved to vienna to work as session musician, soundengineer and composer for Bands, Broadcast
did a jazz and popular music study during that time
played for several bands in studio and live
(Josh Mars might be the best known, at least in Germany, Austria and Switzerland





Above all the information of this , singersongwriter. Now to my review of this Singer,



His first acoustic song has a good start, nice sound on the song.
The guitar work is truly amazing and his voice gives me goose bumps.
What musicality this man got, i like to listento  it all day.
i started singing along with his lyrics, and started tapping with my feet. That's a good sign. Also nice is, on the calm songs you can really focus on the guitar work.
I was happy to be allowed, reviewing this singer. This is top quality again.
There is also a german song on his sound cloud, give it a listen too.
Plenty of acoustics guitar songs, and i like them (all).  (This man is brilliant.)
I am glad this singer continued doing songs ( because it's amazing to hear).
If you want to help this singer get heard, share this platform and this golden finger guitar player with it.


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