May 10, 2016 9:40 PM

Australian singer/songwriter (pop-rock) read my review on chatsong this singer listen to the new songs and give comments and votes beneath this review.

After having children, the band had to be put on hold, the only way of doing music now was to learn to sing and do it myself and here it is influences Coldplay, Matt Hafey, The Doors, Nirvana, Powderfinger Songwriter looking for opportunities... I like themes in music so a video might have meaning ... not done enough these days probably..

Above is the reason he decided to make music, your can read it on his website. Now to the review about this singer/songwriter. The first song begins with a quiet intro, does have a nice beautifully voice. Very nice vocal voice quiet songs these are more songs for as background music in series and movies, very cool would that be. It's quite nice actually all his songs, beautiful acoustic with his guitar. Gentle killer is a killer of a song, that you really need to listen, nice remix on sound cloud. Find the remixes of him actually pretty cool to hear, the melodies he used in his songs very pleasant to hear. These are also songs to relax in your mind, if you have stress helps this good. His voice is really nice and soft and quiet, very pleasant with the special effects in the songs. Soon there will be new songs come, i am really curious about what songs. This guy is a great musician to review, nice lyrics and good music. Do you want to know the singer is gonna make the new songs, click on the links below. Share this platform so you will be shared him. He earned it, I love the quit voice and the songs. If you like his music like i do now buy download en stream the songs. Also, I hope when a movie director hear it that this will be used as theme song of the movie or television series





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