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@BrittanyFisheli twitter

May 11, 2016 1:35 PM

Brittany Fisheli is an actress, known for The Dark Tapes (2016), The Last Ten Seconds (2015) and For Lauren (2016) and she loves to sing, read my review about this multi talented young lady from USA. Click on the links and give votes and comments.

I love writing music to inspire people. I love performing in front of people. I wrote my first song when I was 10 and had it produced when I was 11 "Music in Your Heart". I love Summer, the beach, and hanging out with my friends, so I decided to write a song about the things I love most. I recently wrote "Zombies". I dislike bullies very much and I noticed that a lot of my friends like to blend in and try to be like everyone else in order to avoid being bullied. I think it's important to be yourself and let others know who you truly are. I wanted to inspire kids to have confidence and be themselves






Such as your above can read this young girl is on thinking level already very mature, she has made a song about bullying. Bullying is hugely damaging for a child and adults, it also does not stop because of the social media out there. Very brave of this lady to make a song about it, now to the review of this smart thinking actress- singer.

The song begins with many beautiful instruments, and it is very nice to listen. This actress has a nice voice in the songs, am very impressed. This is really something for the Disney television channel, this way all the top artists started such as Justin timberlake and Ariana Grande and more stars. Like to listen to it, think this is sure a future top musician. This is a talented actress with a beautiful voice, and the message she wants to tell to the world in the song Zombie I like that. Think the singer/actress will be soon as famous as all the other child stars, she has the talent in itself in terms of singing and acting. She has my support and hope also yours if you listen to her songs and voice. Would you like to find out more about her, click on the URL links or this talented young lady. Think that when they use this song in an advertising that she quickly become more famous in the world, that earned the talented singer/ actress. Are so many children's series where this kind of music is used in. This could be a huge hit for the Disney channel and for this talented girl. Share this platform with the talented girl on it, this is good music for the whole world. Especially the message she wants to share to bullying, and to inspire kids to have confidence and be themselves. 

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