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May 11, 2016 5:21 PM

Bastian Lee Jones, performer, singer songwriter, pianoplayer, photographer, PR consultant, coach, presenter. Loves to entertain with songs and pieces that comes from the soul, the heart for your hearts and souls and feet, read my review on chatsong. Listen the songs and give comments and votes beneath this review.


 Started with music during pregnancy of my mom - who played jazz and Chopin.
(That´s why BLJ knew some Chopin pieces before BLJ knew them). He found the mc cassette tapes with the pieces - which was proof enough. BLJ started to make music with singing and building drum sets out of boxes, in kindergarten and church choirs.
He was member of the famous Schöneberger Sängerknaben (and worked intensively with Oscar Winner Maximilian Schell, Danny Kaye, Herbert v. Karajan, Luciano Pavarotti, Jennifer Rush, in German TV, opera etc). BLJ worked with Pavarotti in the Deutsche Oper (La Bohème). The famous tenor was so professional and bighearted.
"He came to us choir boys and said: tutti i bambini, cantiamo insieme! And he went on stage and sang.", Bastian tells. Another big hero is ELTON JOHN. Followed by Frank Sinatra, Jamiroquai, David Bowie, The Verve, Tanita Tikaram.
Born on the Island of the Thousand Gods: Bali, Indonesia:"Betul, saya bisa berbicara Bahasa Indonesia juga!", he nods - having a German father with a Polish name, a half Chinese/Indonesian mom - so BLJ is cosmopolitan. Bastian (stands for the German part), Lee (for the Asian), Jones for the (Irish/English). He only had Canadian /US vocal coaches, great piano teachers. He studied: Musicology, law, economy (market research), ethnomusicology and sciences of religions. Bastian started with his first stage name KIAN LEE and first solo concerts (covers from Elton John, David Bowie, Randy Newman, Carole King and own songs) in his own Club "Kulturetage Blaubeton" at a Steinway&Sons concert grand. In 2008/2009 he became the best German songwriter at the UK Songwriting Competition under his old name Kian Lee. Peaked finals in 2015 in the US with the euro dance song SAY YOU WILL and with several songs in UK again. He founded his own record label EARMErecords.
Signed 2016 at xx123recordsxx Denmark, and with PASR music publishing Vienna. Lots of publishings on spotify with his piano compositions in his cinematic and neoklassik style. BLJ is working since 2013 with René Schostak (a team member of one of Germanys most successful studios: Valicon) who is BLJ´s musical producer. He also was working with UCP Berlin on deephouse tracks and video productions. The upcoming German album “vatersprache” is in the make. In Denmark starts the publishing and promo of the first hit single “Wenn Du Willst” Bastian Lee Jones is a young talented musician ... Ah, that is what you always read when you get messages and letters from artists or managers. Of course it is always a young talented artist. What is different about Bastian? Bastian Lee Jones knows how to inspire with his songs and his gift as an entertainer. He is a wanderer between worlds. As a perfectionist, he studied musicology, ethnomusicology and marketing.
His soul, torn between three cultures at last united in his name. Bastian stands for the German, Lee for the Asian and Jones for the Irish. This is also reflected in his lyrics, sometimes melancholic and sometimes exuberant and full of life, but always stirring.
His live performances are legendary, especially his iconic and unique living room concerts are celebrated with charm and creativity. After his time as a member of the legendary “Schöneberger Sängerknaben“, numerous prizes for his performances in the youth and under its previous name Kian Lee, he founded his own label EARMErecords“ and released his first concerts. He works as a PR consultant, music coach, photographer and musician and hosted the show “Kunst Gegen Berlin at the Volksbühne Green Salon and other shows as moderator.
2014 achieved Say You Will in the US Songwriting Competition and in the UK Songwriting Contest the final. “Au dessus des Mers“, the piano composition “Erotic Confessions and the song “I am a Zeitgeistgaga Zeitgeistbitch , which is on the multilingual “BLJ-international” album (produced by René Schostak and the Valicon Studio Team) reaching also the final.
Social engagement is an important part in Bastian Lee Jones‘s life and heart.
The songwriter worked together with UA_rio urban art (Director Romulo Correa) and wrote a Football World Cup Song 2014 called Vamos lá 100 % of all downloads are donated for the children in the oldest favela of Brazil to teach reading and writing. 2016 BLJ was played on many online web radio stations. He signed with PASR Publishing and got published with his piano compositions on the Labels AUDIOKULT, NEOKLASSIK and Piano Medication and is signed with xx123recordsxx, a Danish label to publish his song "Wenn Du Willst in Denmar with a possible Scandinavian tour besides his invitation to play in Italy in July with the BREK Organization. His German album Bastian Lee Jones "vatersprache" will be released after summer, later his international album “BLJ-international" with singles beforehand and its videos. It is an album about life itself, about love of course and about his “Coming Home” to his German Self.



This musician has had many experiences and a nice resume to his name, What I likedabout was his charity where he gives his money to, for children to educate in Brazil. Now to the review of this musician, plays beautiful piano has several albums released. What wonderful to listen to, what a beautiful piano piece. My body and mind become totally quiet inside, this is so lovely to hear only the piano sounds. In the Netherlands we have Wibi Soerjadi the best piano player here. All his piano songs are high quality, this is really high level. This is so beautiful, it touches me emotionally deep down. It brings back a lot of putting away what happened the last few years, so beautifully it touches your when you listened it. My tears rolling down the cheeks when writing the review. He can not only play the piano very good but on his YouTube the musician, also sings a song for the children in Brazil to give money for education. The song is musically it is nice song, the musician has performed a tribute song to NELSON MANDALA very touching again. This singer sings in different languages, but his voice is wonderful. All the songs so far are wonderful, I'm really impressed with this very talented musician. This you need to buy and stream, Because this musician make amazing music. And will be making more in the future, click on the URL links below. This talented musician need to be shared around the world, and when you share CHATSONG on all social media button on the platform. Your will be sharing this talented and dedicated musician.




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