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May 25, 2016 4:57 PM

Singer-songwriter; storyteller; artist; traveler; nature/wildlife lover read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs, give comments and votes beneath this review.

CHOCOLATE HAPPY CAKE is the sophomore release from the Philadelphia-based indie
singer-songwriter TRACY COLLETTO. CHOCOLATE HAPPY CAKE features 12 new original
songs with an emphasis on piano-based songwriting, delivered with bold vulnerability. TRACY  describes CHOCOLATE HAPPY CAKE as a collection of pop songs with a variety of tempos and styles that are tied together with a thread of hope, inspired by personal travels, struggles, dreams and relations, making it her most intimate release. “Although my new material is much deeper and personal, I write each song as if it is a letter directly sent to the listener, with the intent to include them,” explains TRACY. “Whether living is unfair and cruel, or beautiful and humorous; my goal is to empathize with or to move the listener in an authentic, positive way. Since I think like a visual artist, I see each song as an ethereal cloud that the listener can travel within. Wherever it takes them depends on the rhythm of poetry or textures of sound.”
Key Selling Points


Above you can read the biography of the singer/songwriter, then now my review about this singer. The intro of the song starts good, she hits the notes beautifully with the vocal voice she has. The lyrics are also wonderful, especially if this singer sings it, lovely sound in her voice beautiful to listen. This singer has already had a podcast at woman of substance, if you hear the songs you also know why she has gotten that. I Am honored that she wanted a review on chat song platform, this is again very good quality music. Beautiful musical sounds in the songs, a real spectacle. This earned definitely more attention this should be listened in the world. There is real power in her vocal voice, she can a lot with her voice. The lyrics are well written if you listen to them you get instant recognition and want to continue listening to the songs, this is a good female musician I believe that she will come further in the music industry. Therefore, share this platform with this amazing female indie singer on it.






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