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@twyhband twitter

May 31, 2016 5:28 PM

The Wild Young Hearts are a rock & roll band based out of sunny Southern California. Read my review on chatsong click on the links and give comment beneath this review.

The Wild Young Hearts are an American rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. We're here to bring you the raw, unadulterated joy that is Rock and Roll music. Combining sunny pop hooks with loud guitars, The Wild Young Hearts are here to make rock and roll cool again.

Above you can read on their website and music accounts in this review, then now my review about this music band. The songs have a nice intro delicious whit the instruments, the lyrics are well written. All the instruments make the songs a pleasure to listen, real music as in the earlier years when rock&roll was in your daily life. And the vocal voice fits well with every song what they have created. The song feels good touches me beautiful text, a lot of emotion in this song. Each song has a message or a personal story, I like that a lot. Sometimes I can not decide if it is just the lyrics they make or a real story. Its great music to listen to it is good rock & roll, this music band will make that time hip again in this world. What a great band and I am very happy that they wanted to stand on chat song with review, their songs and the lyrics are very good. This is a music band that really deserve more attention in the world, therefore, click on the links and share my platform around. Because when you share it, this amazing rock band will be shared to. They may not be lost into the crowd, that would be a sin






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