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Jun 1, 2016 4:21 PM

The Shadow Shepherd is an independent singer, songwriter, audio engineer, producer and has been playing stages since 1995. Read my review on chat song and click on the links and give comments and votes beneath this review, and share it on the internet.

The Shadow Shepherd is an independent singer, songwriter, audio engineer,  producer and has been playing stages since 1995.  The Veetuh Sex Machine played throughout the United States through the late 90's playing with the likes of They Might Be Giants, Maroon 5 and many other heavy hitters of the indie scene.  Child Causes Bang was the evolution of sound being one of the first bands of the early days of independent emo and pop to use the electronic Vdrums for a fresh and original sound.  High energy, catching and passion sum up the sound.  Through the early 2000's he played as a singer songwriter throughout the east coast.  In 2008 he toured with hip hop artist Betty Boo of DC creating a unique live music hip hop sound that made a stir.  Returning to his roots, his current project and new release will be returning to his pop punk roots.  Stay tuned for updates and releases.
Above you can read his biography of this musician, now my review about his songs. His first song sounds immediately good beautiful melodies only the music sounds are harder than his voice. Therefore, you have really to concentrate on it, but amazing instrumentals. His second song is quieter than his first here you can hear his vocal voice better, and lovely voice he has. The songs are in terms of musicality super produced nice hard beats and instruments, I love this kind of music. The voice is certainly not bad to listen, in fact it suits the songs. Especially in the song as SARAH Love songs you can hear how good vocal this singer is, this song is very good. The songs are musically strong that you really have to listen, and the lyrics are well written. This singer is just started since 1995 but is experiences enough, with every song he sings he has another voice that means that he can do a lot with his voice. The last few songs on his sound cloud they are damned good, amazing written and sung. And the intro of his songs are a musical spectacle, this singer need to be more known around the world. So if you read this review share it to other countries and give comments in the disQus, because this singer I think he is going to develop more. And will be soon have a gig in other countries if it were up to me. What a lovely music to listen I am dancing on the beats almost, he can play a lot instruments you can hear it in his songs. This singer does severtal styles also a rap song amazing to listen, check it out on the link below. 

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