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Jun 6, 2016 5:33 PM

The Saw A four-piece rock band based on the South Coast of England read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give votes and comments beneath this review

The Saw
A four-piece rock band based on the South Coast of England, The Saw have recently
released the album “Burning Bridges”, which showcases their original songs and
demonstrates their West Coast ambient and 70’s Rock influences.
Burning Bridges has 12 self-penned tracks and over its 54 minutes displays the
versatility and excellent musicianship of the members of The Saw. The quality of the
songs is evident throughout and the whole package strongly represents the individual
talents of the band.
Burning Bridges was recorded at Delmontie Studios in Bournemouth over a 2 year
period and the album has been lovingly crafted by the band and expertly produced by
Jack Bass


Above you can read also on their music links, then now my review about this band. The first song I listen is beautiful with the musical instruments, the singer has a nice hoarseness in the voice. Together they also sing well together, wonderful to listen to. The lyrics are also well written, delicious those instruments in the songs this is really great music to listen with your headphones on. High-quality level of musicality possess these musicians, you can hear it when they play and sing. These musicians also bring a message to the listeners, that I loved always. It makes the songs understanding and you can recognize something in the songs. These musicians deserve a larger audience a place to grow in the music industry and be known in the world. This is music you would listen on the radio all day, and buy a ticket from for a gig. At least I would love to hear them live, therefore share this review and give votes in the disqus, if you like their songs as well.




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