Jul 17, 2016 4:31 PM

Music is our lives.. We produced for some of your favorites in the industry. Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch,Tupac,Dipset,G-Unit,etc The single Princess Diana will be released on July 22 off the Animal Kingdom album brought to you by Idolize Music Group, Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs. And give stars and comments beneath this review, share also on other medias


Musallini /Vinny Idol feat Rothstien and Hollow Luya are the members of this Idolize Music Group read my review on chat song, I listen a lot of hip hop and rap their first song starts with good beats and background voices with children sounds. I also like the lyric of the song, and love songs with stories to the listeners. That is something I like always because you can hear what happened in their past and why they write those lyrics in the songs. The song called GET Em I really love this song you hear stunning beats, and how the reality can be for these people I am no racist but in some countries there is a lot going on at the moment between black or white, we all live in one world and have respect for each other. I Like the beats and how they have produced the songs, and they rap on the rhythm of the beats. All the rap songs I have listened are with emotions in the songs and a message, this is very good material for hip hop charts and hip hop radios. Some songs I even thought I heard the rapper 50 cent that is a rapper I love to listen as well, but this group has their own amazing style. Some songs are better than other ones but still very talented hip hop/rap artists, this has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give starts rating underneath this review from 1 to 5




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