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Jul 28, 2016 3:17 PM

THE SUNFLOWERS has just recorded their first release, they are from Mexico they are with 7 member. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments or star rating underneath this review.

We are a will originate band from Toluca State of Mexico, influenced by folk music,
blues and classic rock, and some acoustic Grunge ... we are seven musicians in total,
two main vocalists, two female voices backing vocalists, drums, bass and three guitars
one of them is always acoustic. Our songs are about 3 or more years of being made ...
and the band has just 3 months old. we work very fast to take our music as far as
possible. we are looking broadcast on local radio and local events. we started working
on our first manager last week and things are going very well. we just recorded our first EP and we are very happy with the result. we want to reach all places with our music. We are working very hard to compose more songs and our proposal is very sincere and simple songs with romantic touches and blues. love making music and we love to convey emotions to people .. is the best thing that could have happened to us.




Above is what they wrote to me then now my review about this Mexican band. The first songs begin with good tunes and is very joyful to listen, the lead singer has a nice high vocal it sounds very good at first listen. I like this they are just started but they have talent I notice that in playing the Instruments and singing. The lyrics are beautifully chosen, it is recognizable to listen to it. The singer has a calm vocal voice and despite that they are Mexican I hear clearly what they sing, he gives good power during  singing of the songs. And the intro of the song Shame begins with a beautiful wind horn, and a great  vocal voice.  I think this can be good material for radio stations, his voice is unique. You can hear that they are aspiring, but what I also can hear is that  they have potential to grow as well known artist around the world. His voice reminds me a little of the famous music band Kings of Leon, And I like that band a lot. They have a feeling for rhythm while playing the instruments  and singing the songs, I think  they  can develop to huge artists in the music field. How more they will play how more confidence they become, This is what I call musical talent that need a spotlight to grow. Till now all the songs I have heard begin all with a different intro and tunes, this has to be known more they are good aspiring talented artist. Therefore, give star ratings and comments beneath this review.





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