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Jul 31, 2016 4:12 PM

Tell the Wolves is a genre-bending rock act out of Sacramento, California read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs give comments or star ratings on the songs underneath this review and share as well.

Tell the Wolves is a genre-bending rock act out of Sacramento, California. The band aims to create groundbreaking music that keeps the heart of rock and roll alive. They formed in 2013, when Ryan Griffith (guitar) and Ian Moch (Drums) met with Leryan Burrey (vocals/guitar). After writing some material, they met Zack Davis (bass) and started gigging in the Sacramento area, gaining a small following. In August of 2014, they added Arianna Kinsella (Vocals/Keys) to add a larger, atmospheric quality to their sound. Since then, they've played in the Sacramento and Bay Area. They quickly gained momentum, supporting national acts during Sacramento's 2015 Concert in the Park series to over 5500 concert goers. Their debut EP, "The Great Design" will be available in early 2016. Welcome to the pack.



Above you can also read on their website, then now my review about these artists. The intro of the first song called Into the Fray immediately starts musically beautiful, and his voice is so beautiful. Wow he can sing very high and it is all pure and no false notes in it, very great first song this is Talented. At first listen immediately sold, great lyrics especially if the lead singer sings it. Amazing instruments and sounds in the song,  that voice is so amazing trained and good. This music you would like to hear on the radio in your home every day, very nice quality music. The second song is just as good as the first song, and it reminds me very much of Second summer of Mars. With the high notes and screaming in the song, only this is Tell the wolves with their own style and music. Each song is so amazing this is good quality music, this is something what the whole world have to hear. And I believe they can come very far, if more people going to listen to their songs. When they going to have gigs and tours I believe they will be in no time famous, so damned good are these artists. Wow I am really impressed and blown away literally, this has to be heard by music fans, radio stations and many more. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and rates below this review.




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