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@OneJizzJones twitter

Aug 15, 2016 11:30 AM

Independent sound artist from Lakeland, Florida. I'm (One Jizz) an alternative artist from the city of Lakeland, FL. I'm just a simple man with courage. Read my review on chatsong. listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath. He has also wrote in the guestbook, so you can check him out.

I really wanna thank those who have been staying consistent and determined on achieving their goals to recreate themselves by finding the solution to each of their problems and the problems of others. We are one of the same. I'm (One Jizz) an alternative artist from the city of Lakeland, FL. I'm just a simple man with courage. I remember the old saying "If there's no will, there's no way". Therefore, I'm turning nothing into something, because "something" is a mixture of a little bit of everything. It's a small world thought big. Why do you think ants work? lol. Really I'm not sure if anybody is sure. It's whatever you think it is. Your interpretation is your vision to project. There are no limits.



Above you can read his vision in life, more you can read on his soundcloud account. Then now my review about this versatile artist from Florida, his first tracks begins already with awesome beats' intro. The song called unleashed it is an uptempo rap track, and I love fast rap he has a perfect timing. Some rappers have mixed their voices with a program while rapping, this rapper raps pure and understandable it is really a dope track The lyrics are good written, and I like hearing them when this rapper does rap it. You can hear a message to listeners in his lyrics, and I like that tracks with a meaning. I have to say I heard a lot tracks in this genre, but there are only a few who has it all the elements to become a great rapper. This rapper is one of them, the rap is fast and hear able and pure, this is an upcoming talent in the hip hop/rap genre. This artist makes also beats for other artists, more information you can find on his twitter handle. I suggest you contact him, he has amazing beats and tunes in each song I listened till now. This rapper can become a big artist he is very good, this has to be heard on each hip hop radio station and charts. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath. 



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