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Sep 6, 2016 4:59 PM

I am passionate about music and making music .i have a label called SuMa Records and i perform and promote reggae I play many instruments ,sing and write lyrics. I describe myself as an old school reggae artist, read my review on chatsong. Listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

Above is what he sent to me, then now my review about this reggae artists who is already signed by a record label. The first song called I feel good there you can immediately hear how good his vocals are, he has a good vocal voice you it is very high and pure. Nobody can beat Bob Marley but he is almost at the same level, the song of his is a bit slower but I like it a lot. This song called lost seems more like reggae it is called lost and wow this is almost on the level of Bob Marley and his Son Damian Marley. Wow I am speechless, what a beautiful song and great tunes. This singer has an amazing feeling for reggae and music, you can hear it in the way he plays and sings. I am really impressed by this artist, he blows me away with his voice incredible talented singer. Wow the high notes in the song called love me tonight is really amazing, he can sing so beautifully and then with the reggae this is good quality music. If you listen close enough to his voice you hear almost the great artist Bob Marley himself, but this singer has his own unique voice and his name is Erryl. I really like he brings back reggae into the world again, here in the Netherlands there are not much reggae artists sometimes there is Festival to bring it back in the Netherlands. And I am sure when he will play on that they all would be impressed by this artist, and will dance on it. All of his songs till now are from great quality and lovely tunes and sounds, he is the next famous reggae artist I mean if more will share and listen to his songs. This need to be heard around the world at each radio station and reggae music channels on television, therefore share this amazing talented reggae artists on it. And I believe if more people will hear this he is soon very famous, he deserves it very much.




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