@DUBMANC twitter

@DUBMANC twitter

Sep 16, 2016 1:37 PM

Hello I'm C-dub the DUBMAN aka RATED X FOR MY RNB stage name I'm 27 and music is my passion my life my everything. I have performed for Sony Def Jam and Interscope records and they all loved my music but wanted me to build my fan base I'm a RB singer and hip hop artist from Dc. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Above is what he sent to me and he is a member of my new forum community, then now my review about this hip hop artist from Roanoke, VA. The first song called sorry is a bit mastered but not annoying it has a great flow and lyrics with a message, this is dope I like this song. I like his voice even it is mastered by a program he can for sure sing and I think without mastering his voice it sounds even more beautiful. I really love this song called no games it has quite beats and tunes and it has again a great flow in it, you can hear in this song his voice better. This remix called kill my vibe it starts good with great beats in it, and I really like the mix of singing and rapping in that song. This song is my favorite till now it is called questions it has all the elements a good hip hop song need to have, a message in the lyrics pure rap and it has awesome beats and tunes in it and it is not mastered. That track can become a great hip hop hit song soon, it has good potential and if more people listen to it they will agree and become a fan of this artist. This hip hop artist has in each song a different intro and each songs has another beats that makes it interesting. And you can hear even with some mastering of his vocal voice he can sing as well not only rap, that makes him already unique. This song is very good his first song called calling my phone, the intro I like very much it is way different from the other songs I heard. In this song you can hear the talent skills he has on rap and hip hop area, really amazing if I must compare this song with kill my vibe remix I go for this one. This is really my favorite song of this great hip hop artist, and it has to be heard and shared around the world. Therefore, become a fan like I do now and share this artist as much as you can and give star ratings and comments underneath this review. 





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