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Sep 29, 2016 3:57 PM

Hi, I’m Gerry a retired musician. I still wright so I am offering my songs out to any artists or bands who don't write their own material or are established artists looking for something different. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

All I ask is, All songs are copyrighted and therefore subject to the usual conditions of
publishing rights i.e. my name must appear on any recorded material.
Most songs have been done acoustically as a base for artists to add their own
interpretation and arrangement. Get in touch with me if you like what you hear.
I played in a few bands, but with my Brother (Rab) we had more success as the folkrock dual, Riff Raff in the 1980s. We played around the folk scene in Scotland and started and hosted The Glasgow Folk Club in The Doune Bar in Broomielaw, Glasgow, with a little help from the late Danny Kyle, Folk singer and Broadcaster for BBC (Scotland) Folk programme Travelling Folk.

We also got involved in opening a community recording studio in Castlemilk, south side of Glasgow. This helped local musicians and people free access to a 16 track studio with tutoring for most instruments, and recording engineering.

Above is what he has sent to me, then now my review about this retired musician from Scotland. The first song called A breath of fresh air is acoustic and wow what has this singer a lovely vocal voice, great lyrics and I love the jazzy sound he plays with his guitar. He is not the youngest anymore, but I am impressed by his voice he still has it is marvelous. The next song don't want to close begins with acoustic guitar as intro, and when he begins to sing I become really excited this is so good. This song has amazing melodic tunes in the guitar work, it is called Ta ta bella he plays also with a lovely wind instrument as well. All lyrics he has written till now has emotions in it, and when he sings it will reach your heart. He has one song written called It's magic but this man is magic while singing but he writes as well powerful songs for other artists to use it. He has done a couple songs together with Tina Fisher and she has an amazing vocally voice, you really need to listen this One hell of a feeling it is written by Gerry and great work he has done with that and this is exactly what Gerry wants to have artist who will sing his beautiful written songs. This singer songwriter is more form the ballads, till now all his acoustic songs are stunning to listen this singer is really talented and a good songwriter. This singer songwriter want to give his material to other artists, which are looking for material to work with. I believe when you will use his material for your song, you would be heaving a gift from god. The lyrics are beautiful written and it can become a hit song only due the emotions and the writing of this singer songwriter who is retired.




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