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@FloodHounds twitter indie rock

@FloodHounds twitter indie rock

Oct 5, 2016 10:26 AM

FloodHounds are a fast-paced, 3-piece, British indie-rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in the UK, read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs. Also give comments or star ratings underneath this review

Raw, plucky, spirited and confident, basically everything you could ever wish for from a
young UK breakthrough group,” Record of the Day says.
Their "gloriously guitar-heavy rock,” takes you from British Indie/Rock to raw American
Blues and hits you like a British Black Keys or White Stripes, inspired by Band of Skulls
& Drenge. With strong support from BBC Introducing Sheffield, gigs across London and the North, plus a fresh batch of new music under their belts, FloodHounds are ready to roam.




Above is what they have sent to me,  their whole bio you can read on their website.  Now my review about this indie rock band from Sheffield. Their first song called A&E starts with a great guitar riff and instruments, and then comes a pleasant male vocal voice with high and low notes in it. His vocals are very good and he sings the lyrics with passion, you can hear that and of course the amazing rock rhythms and sounds in it makes it outstanding. This song is from high quality and if you ask me it is even good as some famous existing rock band, so when more will listen this it does not take long or they will tour all around the world.
 This second song called Twisting and Turning is from the start amazing as well, great instruments parts in it and the lead singer his voice is so good. Each song has a different intro but mostly with amazing instruments in it, like this song Wolf at the Door. There are so many indie rock artists out there but they sound different from a lot other indie rock bands. This you wanna hear on the radio and on rock festivals, they will give an amazing performance,  they rock as band. They not only have made rock song but also it seems a blues song, which is called Bare Bones. I must say it is indeed blues but with a touch rock and roll sounds in it, very amazing with all those beautiful instruments in it.
 Now I really wanna dance on it, I like all their songs they have made it all good quality by playing instruments and singing, even the choruses stuck in my head of some lyrics. That is a sign of musical talent on both levels in playing writing and singing, especially this song called Motivation really impressed and I love it from the beginning. It has all elements to become a hit song, at least if more people will share and listen to this song and this band.
 I have to give some credit to the other band members as well in each song, the instruments are being played very professionally. And you can hear how good the instrument players are in this song The Fall. The intro is wonderful drum work. In Moving Pictures, I give  credit to the lead singer. You can hear how good he is vocally, and the band members give him the space to sing his part well. All in all they are marvellous and very talented, and should be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and please leave comments and star ratings underneath.






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