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@UniversalBandUK twitter rock pop soft rock

@UniversalBandUK twitter rock pop soft rock

Oct 9, 2016 10:39 AM

Terry grew up completely surrounded by music, Terry and The Universal have won awards for Best Album at the Galaxy Awards and have also been voted Best Live Band by Rock Realms. They have played anywhere and everywhere in the UK including the famous 100 Club in London, The Cavern in Liverpool and everything in between. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Terry grew up completely surrounded by music. His uncles who played in bands, a mother who was a member of the Small Faces Fan Club in her teens and an avid fan of Otis Redding and all things Stax and other family members who were, and still are, avid vinyl record collectors.

Everything from The Beatles to Neil Young to Little Feat to Jackson Browne to Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis filled up hours and days and nights. Always writing from an early age, whether it be poems, short stories or just plain old commentary, Shaughnessy decided to take the next logical step and write songs in earnest, taking them out on the road in the beginning with just his voice and an acoustic guitar as backing.

Terry has also worked with producers Winston Rollins and the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and also with Tim Holmes of Death In Vegas.


Above you can read a part of their biography the rest you can read on their website, then now my review about this singer terry and band the universal from the UK. Their first song called This is war starts with amazing instrument pieces my compliments to the drummer and other instrument players. Then the voice of the lead singer is stunning and fits perfect in the rhythm and the melodies of the song. The lyrics of this song are beautiful written, and whit the uptempo melodies and tunes it makes an amazing rock song to listen. Their another song called is this England is quieter than the first song, I would describe it as soft rock or blues. His voice in this song is beautiful and in this song you can hear how good he can sing each notes. They seem very experiences with making music, each song is marvelous till now they have perfect intro's and instrument work in it. When you listen to it you hear how much feeling they have for playing and singing with sense of rhythm. There are on their YouTube channel a couple acoustic songs like Volcano, and wow what has terry in that song a pure beautiful voice it touches you inside. And with the guitar work in it and his amazing voice, makes it good material for a lot radio stations and music channels around the world. Wow I get goosebumps with this demo song called leaky boat is not only a beautiful song, but also a visual amazing song with black and white colors. In this song you can hear what he can do with his voice and it is a real talented gifted singer, it is a heartfelt song. I really love this song demo it is called tread water and this kinda music does something with you when you listen, especially the piano work in it my credit for the player of it. The lyrics and his voice and their music, makes it amazing and it really touches me while listening to this it reaches your heart. Just like this song called if I am in love, what a good quality music and heartwarming ballads he is the new music legend in this century for sure with his band members they will soon be the next U2. This amazing talented singer and his band has to be heard around the world, this is top music. Therefore, share this as much as you can and give a thump up or down vote underneath this review. Also, you can give star ratings and comments as well, let them know what you find of their music.



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