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@tbennett_music #newalbum

Dec 15, 2017 12:46 PM

Singer-songwriter Tim Bennet plays music in the genres Blues, Rock, & Country Americana music. indie music, roots music, blues music and Former lead singer/songwriter of Whistler's Father. Read my new album review of "The view from here" on Chatsong. Listen to his songs, give votes and comments underneath this album review

Tim Bennett grew up in Southern California listening to a wide variety of music from Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass. "There was no musical genre called Americana when I was a kid", says Tim. "Americana has evolved from a music cast off by other mainstream genres for not fitting their particular mold. Americana can rock and soar, break your heart and make you cry, make you laugh or make you proud. It's definitely made in America."

Tim is the former lead singer/songwriter for the band Whistler’s Father, an Americana group whose independent 2015 release “Highly Irregular” received airplay globally. "I Really Don't Miss You At All" made the Top 40 of The Roots Music Report Americana Chart and The Top 75 of The Fan Voted Chart.


This is singer-songwriter Tim Bennett, Tim Bennet plays music in the genres Blues, Rock, & Country Americana music. indie music, roots music, blues music. Above you can read his biography, more info and music-link and videos can be found there. He has released last year an album named "  Inevitable Discovery" which I wrote a review about. I decided to make a completely new review, for this new album. So here we go, I will start with the first song on the album that is " As long as your buying".

The song starts with a wonderful electric guitar and amazing piano keys, it swings immediately it seems to be a blues song. His voice is unique, When you listen to it he sure has a voice for country and Americana music. This track for sure makes you dance, love the blues addition and sounds in these rhythmic single.

Then we have " Forgive and forget" another great guitar intro with lovely melodic tunes of other instruments, then he starts to sing and somehow that voice suits the chosen instrumental tunes and melodies. This is a typical folk song, it goes about things in daily life you hear that back in the lyrics and how he express his thoughts and emotions while singing this track. 

" There Was Nothing" is an emotional ballad song, with acoustic guitar and beautiful violin, the message is heavily loaded you hear it also when he sings this lyric. Those songs always touch me, when you hear the sad tunes and where the lyric goes about but it is a great recording. Especially for many country music fans and folk fans, radio stations and anything else in these genres. 

" Coulda Woulda Shoulda" is another melodic track, full of amazing instruments such as a piano, drums, guitars and it swings lovely and there is really a stunning piano solo piece in it. The song he writes mostly have a deeper message to the listeners, I like that. This music you love or dislike, his voice is maybe not the vocal strongest, his vocal vibrates in many octaves some will love that, some will dislike that. I do love it, I hear how passionate he sings and with that vibration, he brings over the thoughts and emotions from this song even more.

In "I'll be expecting you" there you here that lovely vibration, his voice is higher and calmer that are his strongest parts as a singer it highlights him vocally as a singer. Then there are those lovely tunes by piano and other amazing instrumental sounds. Which make this track a potential for musicals, or as a soundtrack for a movie or television series. This track is so beautifully sung and played, one of his best vocally so far. 

" Hot town" from hearing the intro this is more a jazz, bluegrass track. Great swinging sounds in the intro, also vocally he sounds wonderful in this track. If I compare the last two songs vocally I hear a huge difference in octaves. I think that this octave vocally fits by him, and then man what a great rhythmic track by all those instruments you hear in this track. And not to mention the stunning solo pieces by only the instruments in the song, my credits for that. 

" A dangerous man" starts with a great melodic instrumental intro again, then he starts to sing with his unique vocal sound. The track is from the start till the end a musical spectacle, he maybe can sing " I am a dangerous man" but When you hear this jazzy track there is nothing to be anxious about it. The lyric is indeed heavier written, but he lightens it by saying you can trust me anyway and with that beautiful arrangement of tunes. 

" Tonight I will be staying here with you "  starts again with a great piano work, the lyric is very strong written one. By that, his vocal sound in this recording is also very stronger and his vocal is solid, this is a track where you can hear what he vocally is capable of is. If I may be honest vocally his best performances, besides the song I'll be expecting you". Not that his voice isn't good on the previous tracks I know that singing a song in country music, folk music has a certain vocal octave you need to reach as a singer. I hope it does make sense what I try to explain, about that typical country music octaves. This track has a potential for many radio stations in wide expectance of varied music, also for many festivals with a wider taste of genres. 

" Ain't get time for this" starts again with a catchy melodic intro, but when you listen to his vocal in this track you can understand what I wrote in the previous song. You can hear good the difference in octaves, but it stays lovely to hear him sing. This tracks swings from the start until the end, great instruments I really like this kind of music. 

" Awakened by my breaking heart" is again an emotional ballad, with that nice vibration in his vocals. Great written lyrics, and beautifully acoustic instruments. When you close your eyes and hearing all these wonderfully instruments such as a mouth harmonica, and other instrumental sounds you can intensely enjoy his music. 

" The end of the Line" is more a mix of country and blues, it has again a lovely swinging intro. His voice can do a lot, I like the parts when he sings calmer and a bit lower because in these parts you hear how good he is, and the emotions and message in the lyric come better trough. 

I am at his latest song from the album " The end of the line" Wow, I hear him sing in this one is so vocally strong and solid again, especially in the intro. In this track, he shows really how talented he is, also in vocal sounds. There are varied parts of this track, where he showcases his vocal reach. This track has also a well-written lyrics, and of course full of wonderful instruments. Another great track is sung and played on this album, this track has also a potential for bars, clubs, festivals and radios stations across the globe. 

So I heard his new album, this album is varied in genres and styles. Most of the tracks have amazing strong lyrics, and each and every song has a different intro. Which I really like on this album. There are many styles for many different ears on it, so you all have a song which you will for sure like, just like I like most of his songs. This versatile musician and his diverse album should be heard around the world, therefore share this album review and this beautiful record album by this talented singer as much as you can. 




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