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Nov 1, 2016 1:40 PM

The One They Fear is an American metal core band, from Albany NY. Formed in 2013. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments underneath this review

The One They Fear is an American metalcore band. The One They Fear was formed in 2013, the brain-child of Rick Hardy, and Jon Robinson, and then joined by long time friend Jake Wilde on bass. The One They Fear was created with the sole purpose of shining a light on the atrocities being perpetrated on humanity by humanity,
in a way that is meant to inspire change for the better.

Above you can read their biography which is also to read on their band camp profile, they have also posted in the forum. Then now my review about this metal core band from Albany, I reviewed a lot genres but never metal core. So this is a challenge for me, anyway I am going to listen and review their songs. Their first song is called ascending it is very heavy music almost noise rock, but the lyrics they have written are powerful and with a statement. But that kinda lyrics with a heavy message to the world comes better trough when using an almost angry vocal, it suits the song I like it. The instruments used in the heavy metal core songs are played good, some will love it or hate this kinda music. This song Wolves has an amazing instrument intro great drum work and guitar riff, then you have a heavy noise rock voice and a melodic pop vocal voice it sounds great together. Their lyrics are wonderfully written the message they want to bring over it comes over, very well done. The songs With These Flames has an amazing instrumental intro as well, and again I like the mix between the vocals of the singers. It makes the band unique and great material for metal and rock lovers, some listeners would be overwhelmed with the sounds of the instruments. And maybe some listeners would maybe be scared away by the screams, but it is pretty awesome to listen. My credit for the whole band the songwriter the singers and above the instrument players, it is very awesome music. This is very talented metal music, they are very good in their genre all is how it has to be in this music genre. In Germany and other countries they would be very happy when this band will perform on a metal/rock festival, this is good material. The last song The dawn has again wonderful powerful lyrics, and when they scream and sing it is wonderful with al these amazing sounds. Yeah it was a challenge for me to review this genre, but hell yeah what an amazing music. I really loved it, it is hard and heavy but very entertaining to listen their songs, this has to be heard around the world by metal and rock radio stations and fans. Also, by festival managers in this genre, they would give an awesome live gig. To make this happen share these talented metal artists as much as you can and give comment and star ratings underneath.



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