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Nov 17, 2016 11:34 AM

We are a Metalcore/SthCore band from band from a small country in Slovenia,r read my review on chatsong. Listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

Splitting the Sky are a 5 piece metalcore band from Maribor, Slovenia. Founded in 2014 and ranging with influences from every corner of metal, they released their ep "Shadows" and two signles, "Closure" and "The Missing". Now as the band is preparing materials for their upcoming album, they are also ready to desecrate the halls around them.

This is splitting the sky they are from Slovenia and are a metal core band with 5 members, they have also posted in the forum for you to see and listen. Then now my review about this metal core genre, this music you like it or don't. The first song I listened was give me your hand, it starts with an amazing instrumental intro with amazing drums and guitars. I like the mix between grunge vocal and normal vocal, it sounds amazing and hard. My nephew played once in a similar metal core band, and he had a lot fans who love this style of music. This metal core genre is a difficult genre, not every one can make that correctly. When you do a grunge voice with screams the lyrics still has to come trough by the listener, this band does that very good. Now I will review their album Shadows, and the first song of that album is shadows. My credit to their instrument players, it sounds marvelous in this song and in the songs very lovely. This song called a story for my funeral has a heavy lyric but the message comes trough because of the good grunge vocals of the band. Wow how they play the instruments in the intro of this song is sick so good, it is called tonight and has a lot beautiful pieces of solo instruments in it. I have troubles to understand the lyrics in this song tonight, because of the amazing hard sounds of the instruments. This is a good metal core band, wow they are very good in this genre. I used to go to this kind of festivals in my rocking past, and I am sure the festival I went to would have loved this band. This is music where you can express your feelings, and shake all the anger you have out of your body. Golden sun has again such a lovely hard instrument pieces in it very awesome, and here you hear grunge and a soft normal vocal at the background which sounds good in this song. The song called in vain sanity wow it has again a beautiful intro this is so professional, even tough i not always understand the lyrics I find their music really outstanding. Wow amazing this song called cleanse the present this metal core how it has to be from the start till the end, all is so damned good. I am banging with my head while reviewing their music, i really love it. Once again if you not know this music genre, you can not judge on playing and singing in this genre. Their song closure is varied from the first songs, here you hear the background vocal harder and better. This is their best song because it has grunge in it but also good background vocals, and they sing all together at the end of this song. And if you go to their YouTube channel there is more amazing material, this song the missing is really awesome. In this song I can hear very clear the vocal of the other singer, and that sounds very good as well. For me they are really talented in this genre, and they will come far. When more metal core lovers will hear their music, they will soon playing all around the world on festivals and radio stations for this genre. Therefore, share this amazing metal core band from Slovenia as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath.






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