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@Levy_sound twitter

Nov 25, 2016 1:45 PM

Levy official from italy New album Bonfires available now, read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs. they has posted his video into the forum, listen and give a thump up or not.

Levy LEVY are a 3 piece indie band from San Benedetto del Tronto, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Having already released 2 LPs in their native tongue, they have now just completed their first LP in English. This latest work has allowed them to explore a post-punk/new wave sound. It was produced by Joseph R. Carpenter and Nick Worms at the Zebracut Studios. The band's members are Matteo Pagnoni (guitar/violin/synths/vocals), Damiano Cherchi (bass/lead vocals) and Luca Pichinelli(drums/percussion)


This is indie rock band LEVY they just released their album called bonfires, read my album review on chatsong. The first song from the album is called astronaut, and man what a lovely instrumental intro. It sounds very hard but what a great rock intro, and it is very rhythmic you immediately wants to dance on it. This is very good quality rock music with all those amazing instruments pieces in it, and the vocals are unique almost even powerful as the song I like this a lot. The second song of the album is called the door and such a lovely instrumental intro again it keeps you focused on what is coming further in the song. In this song there are many great instrumental pieces, which makes the song outstanding to listen. Their voices fits into the style of the songs, hard low and rocking. What I noticed the lyrics of the songs have a message in it to the listeners, political or about daily live very good songwriting as well. This song called back in time is written amazing, it sounds very varied from the first songs the backing vocals with the lead singer in it sounds marvelous. Again a wonderful recorded rock song, with all these amazing instruments parts in it. Wow their lyric in this song called lost in space is marvelous oh my god this band is so good, I am really impressed by their vocals the instruments used in the songs and their songwriting. When the lead singer open his mouth you hear so much power in his voice, he can sing many notes hard or soft high or low its amazing. This song bonfires is named the same as the album, in this song you can hear how good their vocals are. And it seems like there is used an echo in this song, which makes it very cool and unique. Their song called fire of Prometheus has again such a lovely intro, and again when they sing together it sounds so cool. This song is very powerful again, with all those rhythmic sounds in it. Wow amazing drum work in the intro of this song called in your eyes, my credit to the instrument players and I like that when they all sing together in this song. I believe when they will perform live on rock festivals, man they would nail it and having soon lots of rock fans from all around the world. I am almost at the two latest song of the album, this one is called city of love. And again it is very good material, it is almost if you are listening to many rock bands who are every day at festivals and are famous so good is their music. Gray angel their latest song starts again with a lovely instrumental intro, but sounds varied from the other songs. This one has different tunes and melodies, very cool it is a bit quieter but it is still amazing to listen. I have listened to all their songs and all of them are amazing, this band is very talented and when more will know their music. They soon will be touring all around the world and be played at many radio stations, or live at festivals. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.





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