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Nov 28, 2016 11:28 AM

Coming at you from the legendary Hempstead, Long Island, New York. A very special artist was born his name is S-Quire, read my review on chatsong he is also posted a couple times into the forum.


Coming at you from the legendary Hempstead, Long Island, New York. A very special
artist was born. It all started just four years ago when S-quire was involved in a car
accident, it was nothing major but he was pretty banged up. Since he was unable to
move around much, and was confind to his home, he just sat down one late night and
began to write.

He released everything onto paper and that was just the beginning.
Drawing from greats, such as LL Cool J, Marvin Gaye and Keith Sweat, S-quire
realized how much time he put into writing and listening to instrumentals, and he saw
that he really had a dedication and passion for music making. He was ready to turn it
into a full time job. This is something he loved to do, wanted to do, and will do. In the
age of studio rappers and ghost writers, young S-quire writes all of his own songs.
Feeling that he truly can't express himself if someone writes his lyrics for him, it shows his unique talent and creativity. Ultimately, it shows his individuality and originality. At the moment, S-quire is working on his first album, which could quite possibly be selftitled.

The project is still a project in itself and the album is looking to be dropped within
the coming months. I can rest assure you that S-quire is unlike any other artist. He's
fresh, driven, and delivers a young, original sound. He is not trying to conform to what
everyone else in this industry is doing and he realizes it's time for change. It's time to
break out and away from the normal. This upcoming album of his will have a different
vibe, sound, and appeal to it. People will want to listen to more of it, and people will
want to know who the real S-quire is. Lyrically and instrumentally it's going to be new
and different. It's going to be refreshing. I present to you my friends....



This is S-quire from Queens United States, he has been trough a lot as you can read above what he sent to me. The artist decided to write and sing his own songs, and is working on his album. Read my review of this artist at chatsong, the first song I listened was the one I love. He has an accent especially in the intro, it has great tunes and it is very rhythmic. That accent you hear also in the chorus of the song, When he raps the rest of the song it is very good. I love the freestyle of him and great songwriting, it has a message in the lyrics and I hear the emotions in the vocals. This song called Suma Vibes ft Latoya is amazing, way better rap parts in it and awesome beats. It sounds very different from what I just heard, this song is has more vibe and with the vocal singer who sings in it makes the song outstanding. The beats used in this song are amazing, this is great material for a lot hip hop and rap radio stations. Just like this song called Brim love ft Dem franchize boys, wow this song has dope beats and great rap parts in it. This is great hip hop very great production and song writing, this is way more dope and has more flow than his song the one I love. Both songs can become a great hip hop hit, it sounds amazing. I like the intro of this song called Love Unlimited, it has a mix of hip hop and RB. Wow this song is lovely, also with the backing vocals used in it and the dance tunes and melodies make it a unique song. I really dig this song called Get in DA club, great beats used in it and his vocal sound in this song is amazing unique. His song called How we do from 3 years ago is my favorite, especially the singing part in it. The singer who sings this i really want to know who that is, he has a vocal reach it is unbelievable. With his rap talent and that vocal, makes it is a very amazing song to listen I am very impressed by this song he has made with another artist. That song you would love to hear every day on the RB charts or Hip hop charts, it is very great material for a lot radio stations. This artist is very talented in freestyle rap and the songwriting is touching and good. This has to be heard around the world, he has made a lot great songs alone or together with other artists. Therefore, share this new hip hop artist legend is much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.





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