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Nov 29, 2016 11:57 AM

Indie Rock/Indie Pop band from Stockport called TemplarsBand, read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.




This band wrote in my guest book, or someone did it for them I am not sure. So I became curious to their music. That is why I am going to review this indie band from Stockport, they just released their album called Inelegant relationship. The first song on their album is called Under the city light, it has a great intro with it has a great rhythm. I like the tunes and melodies used in this song, it is a very melodic uptempo indie rock song. The instruments you hear playing really blew you away in this song, very good rock. The lead singer of this band has a unique vocal, deep and a bit reluctant it fits in their rock songs. And it is typically an indie rock sound, I think the singer can do more with his voice but it seems he is holding in. But when he sings in this song called it can work out, there he can reach a higher vocal part which sounds amazing. Especially in the part when he sings WHY, in that song. The intro of this song called you will go is amazing it has lovely instruments pieces and tunes, in this song I can hear the vocal part better and he is not holding back. Yes that song is good in all ways, he sings amazing and my credit for the instrument players in this song. In mostly all of their song intro's they have an amazing instrumental part, and their songs are very uptempo and rhythmic I like that. In this song shimmer the lyric is very good written, when the instruments go a volume down it is much better to hear the talent of this singer. He certainly can sing in several notes, but sometimes the loud instrument parts overrule his vocals. I listened to all of their songs, most of the songs are awesome. This indie rock band has a lot potential and I think how more they will perform, how better they will become. They are already very good in playing and writing songs, also I said it earlier great instrument parts in all the songs. So my opinion of their album songs, most of them are very well produced and sung, in a couple I hear some hesitation in his vocal but is not needed I know he has it in him. They need to be heard around the world, they can for sure make amazing music. And much of the songs are great material for radio stations and record studios also, to get the best of out of this talented rock band. Therefore, share this amazing upcoming rock band as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.






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