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Dec 9, 2016 11:05 AM

20-year-old R&B Singer/Songwriter/Producer from London his promo one stoppers co-management sent him for a review, so here we go. Read my review on ChatSong listen to the songs, and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

James Letta is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from the UK. A Piano and
Keyboard player since the age of 7, and now based in contemporary R&B, Funk, Soul
and Acid Jazz, he is inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and
Prince. His debut single "Right", featured on BBC Introducing, was released in October
2015, and has since amassed over 20,000 views online. His second single "This Is The
Night", released in March 2016, was featured as BBC Introducing's "Track of the
week". James' new single "Eyes For You", produced by Dom Hudson will be released
in December 2016, with his debut album following in 2017


This is singer-songwriter James Letta he is from London and 20 years old, his management onestoppers.co sent him for a review on my music website. His genre is he sings in is R&B soul and some pop music, the first song I heard was his debut single Right. The intro of the song starts with a great beat very funky and uptempo, his voice is amazing very pure and great soul in his voice. Wow, he even hits a note really high, not a lot of singers can reach that so very impressive he can. This singer is so amazingly talented especially in this song called When we get alone, great flow and it hits you inside this song is very good. The singer looks not only great, he has it all to become a famous well-known singer. This song is so good and much better than a lot of big stars out there on the music charts and shows. I am listening now to a cover song he has done from one of the big legends nowadays Stevie Wonder it is called you and I. When you listen to his cover you get goosebumps, and even some emotions because how he covers the song is amazing with his voice. You can hear the passion and fire in his vocal, he is born for music this is a singer who will conquer the world and gets lots of groupies and fans. he has done a lot of cover songs, but now I am listening to his second debut single called into the night. It is just if I listen to Bruno Mars but then his own unique voice, this song swings very well. There are many lovely instruments in it, it is very funky and uptempo great Motown and Blues in it man I love it. I saw he got two thumbs down on that song and whoever did that has certainly no sense for music. His newest song called eyes for you is going  to be released one of these days in December, it is now at pre-order on iTunes. This song is just as good as the last two it has great tunes and melodies, very funky and uptempo again. I like it a lot it has all to become a massive hit song, and I can hear in his voice he has a passion for singing like I said before. This producer and singer have really a talent, and when more around the world will listen to his songs or cover song you become a big fan. I am a big fan now and will do everything I can to help him getting heard. You as listener and visitor of my website can help him too by sharing this review as much as you can. 










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