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@emikomusic twitter (update)

@emikomusic twitter (update)

Oct 18, 2017 12:31 PM

Recording artist, songwriter, composer for film/TV, player of keys, a disturber of the peace, a student of life. Human being. I have reviewed her previous single before, but she recently released her new album " Looking at later" which I will review now so Read my review on ChatSong listen to the song and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Before the Hammond Organ, the Keytar, the microcontrollers, the mic, the flashing lights, there were always the songs Emiko wrote. Written under the dining room table when she was six, then moving to various studios around the US, Japan and
Europe, and finally settling in L.A., Emiko has what can only be called a "whoppingly paramount" catalog of over 3,000 songs including #1 pop songs, R&B/soul songs, full theater and film scores, J-pop, and so much more.

Deeply rooted in classical music, Emiko began her career at the tender age of just two and a half, retiring as a concert pianist by age 12. This impressive catalog of 3,000 songs has been put to good use; recognized by the Songwriters Hall of Fame in her early 20's, it was clear Emiko would make her mark as a songwriter and performer. She's graced the pages of Billboard, Music Connection, FM Sound, Keyboard Magazine, and countless other publications as an award-winning songwriter for SONY/ATV, Universal Music Group, InGrooves, Fontana, and now 37 Records/McJames Music Publishing.
Her music can be heard worldwide on TV shows, in films, and even on the theater stage.  Known for her incredible ability to write complete songs on the spot (yes, music and lyrics), Emiko serves as Hammond Organ's songwriting clinician giving lectures and workshops at Sam Ash Music Stores nationwide, educating and inspiring songwriters of all levels, ages, and genres.She is a roster artist for Hammond Organ, Alesis, Baldwin Pianos, Daisy Rock Guitars, On-Stage Stands, Blue Microphones, amplifier Microphones, and StarrLabs Technologies.When she is not touring, Emiko spends her time writing words that rhyme and music that sounds good in Los Angeles where she lives with her family and, apparently the neighbor's cat, Snowflake, who has hijacked her doormat.Emiko wrote "Simple Love" about her son. It's the ultimate love song to express the simplest and purest form of love. And in today's world that is filled with such war, grief, strife, and unhappiness, she strives, through music, to bring smiles and happiness to everyone she meets and performs for.


 New album review


reviewed Emiko’s previous single and it was very stunning. You can find that review underneath this piece. Now, my album review of Emiko’s EP "Looking at Later":

The first single from the EP is "California Screamin'." It has a great melodic intro, kind of bluesy. Then, after the intro comes her powerful voice. The song makes you want to swing on the sounds. I love her voice; it is so pure and strong. This song has a high potential for a worldwide rock blues, or in general to be a hit song on every radio around the world.

Then we have "Hold on to Hope" which begins with a phenomenal intro with her humming voice. It has great written lyrics and when Emiko sings them, it sounds even more lovely. She has very pleasant and trained vocals. This song is more of an up-tempo ballad; I like it a lot. It features great production, great lyrics, and a strong, powerful vocal. I get inspiration when I listen to this track. I also love how she plays with her vocal octaves in this song. Again, this has great potential for many music industries companies, radio, and more.

The next track is "I Believe You." This intro is cool with the spoken vocal addition; her voice is lower and calmer in the intro but still sounds stunning. In the chorus, she really throws in some vocal power. The chorus is my favorite part of this song; it sticks in your mind you and you want to sing along with it. Additionally, the whole song is wonderfully produced and sung. I am impressed and love the variation in this song.

Next is "Invincible". The intro beats feature lovely production. This is a melodic ballad that has a nice flow. Emiko’s vocal is again lovely, with some power octaves here and there. She is very talented in writing songs and the way she sings them makes the lyrics hit you. She shows that her vocal reach is diverse. I also like the background singers in it.

The next song, "Brave All Along" sounds completely different. It is more up-tempo and catchy. I like the rhythm; it is more of a pop music song that is very well sung and produced. Another song with high potential for to be a hit because of the pop sound. The rising spoken part toward the end is brilliant.  I would listen to this song 24 hours a day. Emiko is a very talented vocalist and songwriter.

I loved all her new songs, but two from this EP are my most favorite: "California Screamin'“ and "Brave All Along.” The other tracks are great, of course, but somehow these two songs attracted me more. I know from Emiko’s previous releases that she is very talented; that has not changed. Music is a matter of taste though, and each individual might have a different favorite song from this EP.

This EP is lovely. It is varied and well-produced. Emiko has a magnificent voice. This singer-songwriter and her new EP absolutely need to be heard, shared, and more importantly, bought everywhere! So, if you read this, buy and share it as much as you can and give votes and comments.


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