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Jan 14, 2017 11:08 AM

ERIN AT ELEVEN is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the outskirts of Glasgow, who has been writing songs since 2005. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Her music takes laid-back, subtle acoustic folk melodies and then clashes them against angst-laden rhythms and melancholic lyrics. She is strongly influenced by Death Cab for Cutie, the Prodigy, and Queens of the Stone Age, amongst others.

This singer-songwriter is Erin she started writing in 2005, has written a couple demos. Which I will be going to listen and review, she is from Glasgow a folk singer-songwriter. Her most recent demo is called "someone" it is with an acoustic guitar and singing a song like most artists started when they decide to start writing songs. Her vocal is beautiful, she has got some potential to make the demos better recorded in studios. I recognize talent this singer-songwriter has talent in both singing and writing songs. You can hear how good her vocals are in this song " you're gone" beautiful high notes and low notes, all pure. The rhythm in her voice is better than the guidance of the music instruments, she has a feeling for timing I am impressed by this singer. This singer is undiscovered talent, she has a great vocal songwriting and demos. In "fairy tail" you can hear how high she can reach with her vocal the recording, Sadly this song is bad recording quality to soft maybe not used a proper microphone? But that she can sing I have no doubt about that. Because you can hear it very well in this song "Only friends" slightly mastered "her words", only the sounds are very low recorded you need to listen to her songs very carefully and with more volume in headphones. This song has hit potential "In the Middle" there she has beautiful vocals and better recorded acoustic guitar piece, this is a demo song where studios can work with. Yeah for sure she got talent and has a stunning unique vocal, especially in this song " Rat race" wonderful rhythm and timing also her guitar sounds are very lovely to listen. Like I said this is a singer where studios can work with, she got it all to become a well know singer all around the world with better recordings of her amazing written songs. I love her hoarseness in her vocals, she can sing really all notes some moments, not all pure but could how she feels that day while singing based on 1 moment on that day. Really believe she can sing and whether the recordings are soft, or maybe sung without a microphone then it is even more amazing that she can reach those notes without it.  Like in this song "Donovan," you need to turn your volume very high to hear her stunning vocals. I have written it quite a lot I love her voice and writing,  despite the soft recorded demo songs. And if you really want to hear how good she is then you must listen to this song "worst kind of compromise" much louder and you can hear in this one what her voice is capable of. This singer-songwriter has to be heard around the world, she has got a lot potential and once her demos are becoming debut releases with a producer or studio her songs will be played and heard at every radio stations and more. Therefore, share this talented singer-songwriter as much as you can.

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