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eyesofanotherTX twitter

Jan 26, 2017 1:46 PM

Four piece Post-Hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas. Debut single available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp and YouTube, read my review on Chatsong listen to their song and give votes and comments underneath this review.


This band is Eyes of Another a post hardcore band from Texas, they have released one single thus I am going to review their debut single. The song starts with great hard tunes which you can expect from a Hardcore band, but it is not too loud. I like the dramatic vocal in it it reminds me of the singer Adam Lambert, the song " undefined" is high quality music. This song could easily belong between other great rock band all around the world like Linkin Park or the band from Adam Lambert I like this style very much. These post hardcore bands have a lot potential for rock radio stations and festivals. If their first debut single already is this promising, I believe the next releases will be even better. These are artists to keep an eye on, I believe they will come very far in their genre and other major networks. They need to be heard worldwide, therefore, share these talented post hardcore artists from Texas





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