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Feb 8, 2017 10:29 AM

Husband | Father of 5 | #SingerSongwriter with an album on #Spotify & a big goal with it: Buying a house, read my review on ChatSong listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

Singer-songwriter Mike Holden burst onto the scene in 2002 with his debut CD, Exhibit A, generating press from publications such as The Village Voice, Time Out New York and The Washington Post, who called him, "a forthright songwriter with an ear for rootsy melody." 
For his second release, a four-song E.P. entitled Level, Holden worked with producer Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, Virginia Coalition) and Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Suzanne Vega), who mixed the album and played on all four tracks.
This singer-songwriter is Mike Holden and his goal is to see if he can earn $20,000 in Spotify revenue to put toward a house for his family.  Read my review about this singer-songwriter and all songs he made you can listen on his  Spotify and have  added in this review. The latest single is named " help me sleep" it start with a beautiful acoustic intro, then comes his vocal and man what can he sing. His voice can hit all notes low and high and nothing is false, This single is great produced. The lyrics are touching with his vocals and the background sounds, this song is really hit song potential. The song has a great mix of pop and country because of the way he sings, very lovely. I can notice this singer-songwriter put all emotions and thoughts in the songwriting, this song " Take no Victims" is amazing written and has marvelous instrument sounds very rhythmic and he has a unique vocal which makes the songs outstanding material. This father of 5 children has a feeling for music and is very talented, in writing in singing. I like the acoustic guitar intro very much in this song " Drop the other shoe" it gives this song a special touch and when he sings only with the guidance of a guitar and some other sounds in the production it shows how talented and good this singer is. There are very high notes he can sing it easily without any problems, wow, I am really impressed by his vocal power and beautifully written songs.  Most of his songs begin with an acoustic guitar which sounds marvelous and with his vocals and the finishing sounds till now all his songs are hit song potential. I will for sure stream his Spotify links on a daily basis because this singer deserves tho be able to buy his house. But what I wish him more is that he will be heard around the world and will go touring. I am now at his latest song on his Spotify " moving still" and again such a marvelous written and produced with all those magnificent sounds like I have written before the vocals of this singer are so very beautiful. This singer is definitely an undiscovered talent, and he makes music on a very high level. All of his songs are great material for a lot of radio stations and other major networks in music around the world. He has to be heard for sure, therefore share this talented artist and this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 

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