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Urban/ indie/ pop artist Melotika, Toronto-based. Last year released a demo single named " Downtown Summer Ft Krosst Out, then released another demo single "Unaware". Now Melotika released the official new single entitled "Unaware Part II (Blindside)" from their upcoming EP "Unaware" which will be released by the end of the month. Read my update single review, listen to the song and give votes and comments underneath this review.




New single review " Blindside":

Melotika music has released their new single "Unaware Part II (Blindside)" from their upcoming EP "Unaware". Beneath You can read my old single reviews from both previous demo releases. They have this week, posted their SoundCloud and Spotify links in the music community search for Melotika.

My single review: The intro starts with beautiful melodic dance beats by Mista T Dot, who will now be known as Jackman Jones. After the melodic intro, Mel Yelle starts to sing and, wow, her voice is magnificent! Her vocal style is so pure and unique, and she can sing varied octaves. Her voice fits perfectly in this amazing produced pop single. I like the additions they have done with electronic vocal sounds and layers. It really gives this song a boost and a new vibe. This new single has really high chances of becoming a worldwide hit song. The lyrics are amazing, and the dance tunes are brilliant. The production is done professionally by Mike Defaria and mastered by Sean Savage. Mel Yelle's vocals are so unique. I love it, it is damn good! This track should be heard everywhere. In my opinion, even better than Katty Perry and many other recent pop artists. Her performance is really stunning, and if I could, I would award their new single as best new pop tracks globally. This should be heard on every big music company on television and radio, charts, festivals and even performing on MTV music awards! The production is huh class. I am so thrilled to have this future famous pop artist on Chatsong. This artist deserves multiple record deals, a tour, and millions selling! Share this brilliant pop artist as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Old single review " Unaware": 

This is Melotika. I have reviewed their music before, a track called "Downtown Summer" which was very well produced. You can search their name in the search bar on the review page if you'd like!

Their newest debut single “unaware” begins with a beautiful calm melody (harp sample). Mel Yelle's vocals fit perfectly in this mix. Mel Yelle's vocals are marvelous and have a wide range. The lyrics of the song is very well written and powerful. This song has high potential as it is very well produced and the vocals are phenomenal. This song has potential to be heard on major networks. I was a fan already of their unique sounds and vocals, but now they have impressed me even more and the quality of their work keeps getting better. These artists are very talented in making music and have strong potential in making it in the music industry. I believe with these artists, all songs produced are going to be a massive hit worldwide. Share these talented artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath their single review.

 First Single review " Downtown Summer" : 

This electronic duo is from Montreal Canada (now Toronto based). This duo consists of one singer/songwriter Mel Yelle and one DJ/producer Mista T Dot. They just released their first song in June called Downtown Summer featuring a rapper who goes by Kross T Out.

The song begins with a melodic intro followed by a lovely rhythmic sound with good powerful vocals. It has great lyrics Mel Yelle's voice is very pure. In my opinion, this is material that belongs on radio and should be played at dance festivals around the world. It is uptempo and if it were up to me, this song would be heard on MTV.
What I also like in this track is the rap part in the 3rd Verse. Having this third artist is very surprising and the freestyle is great. The more you listen to the song, the better it becomes and it makes you want to sing the lyrics out loud and the chorus is catchy.
This duo is for sure talented and knows how to make music. I really cannot wait for their next song or better yet a whole album! This needs to be heard and you really need to stay tuned on what they will be going to make soon. If this is already amazing, what will their next songs be? Therefore, follow them and share this review as much as you can. If they produce and release new songs, I will renew or adjust this review. For now, listen to this awesome song.

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