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Feb 13, 2017 1:12 PM

The first of six children, Lynda Linda Davis, an Indie artist, lives in Ohio. She is a singer/songwriter of R&B, Blues, and Jazz. Read my review about her music on ChatSong listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

The first of six children, Lynda Linda Davis, an Indie artist, lives in Ohio. She is a singer/songwriter of R&B, Blues, and Jazz. Singing and playing piano became apparent at an early age by her mother who is a gifted singer and her father a Baptist minister. Lynda played for churches of various denominations, gave a fundraiser for a little boy with leukemia and entertained audiences of Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Catholic festivals and Charities for gifted children.


This is Lynda Linda Davis she is singer-songwriter and makes music in various music genres, which you can read above in her bio. Then now my review, the first single is named " The creator feat"  it begins with a kinda chill intro it has something of a meditation sound but then comes the soul and gospel and that sounds wonderful. I like the electronic addition in her songs, it makes the song interesting to listen. 

It makes the song really interesting and original, never heard such a mix of amazing vocals and sounds and that saxophone makes the song outstanding. She writes good lyrics with a story message and emotions, that with those beautiful tunes melodies and vocals it is top quality music. You can hear in the second song " I'd anything for you" her vocals sounds awesome in this song,  and with the backing vocals in it makes it unique . It gives the song a finishing touch and again very melodic unique electronic tunes and sounds used in it. I really like the gospel vocals it brings soul in the songs and makes it very unique.

The song " I won't ask" is very good written and sounds very good she is great singer-songwriter even with some mastering which is not disturbing.  It does not surprise me she has 6.1 k fans and is rank 1 on ReverbNation.  This song" separate ways" I listen now is really marvelous and without mastering, you can hear how high her voice can reach and how pure she can sing. This song is really hit song material it reminds me a bit of Tina turner, Lynda Linda Davis has such a vocal power as well and soul in her vocals.

 I really do not get why this super singer has to master her voice?  Maybe the producer wanted to do that to give the songs more quality, in my opinion, it is not needed. It is not that I do not like her other songs but " separate ways" is really outstanding and beautifully sang I believe when she sings this live on a concert and more will listen to this song and vocals.

She will become the new legend in music in this century singer like Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, her music has to be heard around the world she is really talented and very good as singer and pianist. 

 Her music is good material for radio stations record labels and all other music networks around the world.  Therefore, share this singer-songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.


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