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Feb 21, 2017 9:43 AM

Performing and recording original tunes in NYC I am Michelle Wake. An alternative singer-songwriter from Manhattan, read my review on Chatsong listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

I'm an Alternative Singer Songwriter based in Manhattan. I write music, perform regularly with a four piece band and am currently recording a new album for summer 2017. My current tunes are aired over radio via Radio Indie Alliance charting on their top ten list for 2016. You can find me on Spotify, twitter, iTunes etc...

I'm originally from Michigan. I was homeschooled and have played music my whole life. In the past year, I have focused my energy on building a healthy network in New York as a platform to showcase where I am now and where I am headed as a singer-songwriter


This singer-songwriter is Michelle Wake a singer-songwriter from Manhattan, USA. You can find all her other music links on her own website, then now my review about this singer-songwriter. I start with the most recent one it is named " I got you beat" Wow, this singer has a unique vocal voice, and it sounds very good. Her vocals remind me of the deeper sounds of Amy Winehouse in the low notes, but she can also sing very good in the high notes. The song has a wonderful uptempo jazz rhythm, and with her vocals on the foreground, it makes the song hit song potential it is very high-level music. This other song " A Soiree" start very differently the intro she sings more modest and quieter, then she gives vocal power and with that tiny hoarseness and vibration makes her voice so unique. I like the tunes and melodies used in both songs till now, it gives the song an impression of many different styles such as jazz blues and indie rock. It is an original song and original produced, and not the mention she can sing marvelously. If it were up to me she would be standing fast on the best new music chart on MTV or something similar, this is material for a lot of music networks related companies. I really like her vocal sound, she makes every song she writes and performs to a masterpiece. I hear a beautiful piano in this song " all our messes" and the song is really awesome produced with the magnificent instruments. And she can hit every note pure in this song, there is a very high note and she hits is perfect. Her song " don't worry" start with a water sound and then the amazing piano sound, and when she open her mouth while singing it is breathtaking I am really impressed. I am really blown away by her vocals and lyrics, I get a bit chaotic haha because I listen to this stunning track and need to write at the same time,  but it is worth it all she get my full attention. I am really speechless how good this singer is when you listen to this song intro 1, it gives you goosebumps when she sings in that song. I think the song is named differently but that is what is written by that song. I have not heard anyone before who can sing so many different octaves in one song from modest to high to an excelled high note all to listen to her vocals, that is what I call talent. And in my opinion, this singer sings way better than Katy Perry (not to be offended). But if I must compare Katty Perry and this singer, then I would choose for Michelle wake she is so original and has such a unique sound. Both songs " lonely beats" and " Mono and Dyglicerine" are so beautiful sung and produced, and in Mono and Dyglicerine the backing vocals almost at the end were really amazing. This song " On the weekend" is really hit song material again, very well produced and with those tunes and melodies and vocals it makes it outstanding.  Like i wrote before she can make every song till a hit song, when you listen to "The willow tree" the piano work the other instruments and her vocals makes the song breath taking to listen I would certainly want to buy all her albums and listen this every day this is outstanding music. I am touched by this song " Wake to" the melodies and  tunes and her beautiful high  vocal does something in your mind and body. I am at her latest song " Be my one " and it is breath taking as all the other songs and very professional sung and played. I am really in shock and touched and excited at the same time, this singer songwriter is so amazingly talented and good and has  a lot chances being heard by bigger labels and music networks worlwide. I am really sure she can come very far in this music world, she has to be heard around the world. Therefore share this incredible singer songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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