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Jun 29, 2017 12:55 PM

Rudi Simon Hoppe (Rudi Simon for short) was born and grew up in a small mining a town in Botswana went to university in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the UK in 2004. Read my review on chatsong, listen to his song and give votes and comments underneath this review

Rudi DJ’ed in London in the late 2000s (claim to fame: has played at Fabric) but is a relative newcomer to production, releasing his first single in 2014, “Honest About It” a downtempo vocal house track featuring US vocalist Porter Shields. The track made it onto radio and was followed up by the more ambitious single “Slipping Away”, a duet featuring Vince Freeman (The Voice season 1) and Nika Syva executed in three styles: house, pop, and acoustic. The experience gained led to the more intricate production work on “Zero Gravity” (March 2017), another collaboration with vocalist Nika Syva which has gained traction in the UK, making it onto radio stations around the country as well as racking up several thousand plays on Spotify and SoundCloud. Upcoming work A 4th vocal house single is due out later in 2017 and Rudi is working on an EP of acoustic songs to be released under another name.


This is Rudi Simon he is a DJ and has an own record label called OPTIMACY, he is born in Botswana South Africa and moved to the UK, has released a couple tracks which I will be going to listen and review here on chatsong. He has posted his music links in the first music forum, for you to listen and share further. There are some Mixes from him which has a duration of an hour sadly I do not have that time but I am listening to one now and it is perfectly mixed I really can listen to this for hours. This is music you can easily play on several bigger house music radio stations, around the world it is very good quality mixed music. But back to his singles, he released with other singers and other artists. I am listening now to Rudi Simon feat Porter Shield " Honest About it" the intro is calm and then comes a wonderful soul&RB vocal with a female background singer as well. The song is very uptempo and sounds like a jazzy house track which I really love to listen, this song has a lot potential to become a worldwide famous hit song. This song " Revolution" with R3hab Nervo and Ummet Ozcan it is a remix but a very good one, great lovely dance tunes, and beautiful vocals in it again a worldwide hit song material. 

Rudi changes sometimes his house music and dance mix production to more acoustic songs, and this song " Slipping Away" is one of the songs he recently released with Vincent Vreeman as vocal singer and Nika as a female vocal singer. The song is a beautiful ballad track and has two incredibly gifted vocally singers, great work a little different but very nice. He has made the song in three different productions, acoustic a radio remix and the main mix, and the main mix is amazing with all these dance beats and beautifully high vocals. He is a very professional producer, all his mixes are done with precisely I can hear that in his work.  

Then now to his newest track he released " Zero Gravity" again wonderful dance tracks with amazing high vocals and pure vocals, I have no any critic I am totally blown away by this amazing talented versatile producer. This is a high-level quality of production and mixes that this DJ has a bright future ahead together with his collaborations because these are very good singers as well in each track they did. 

His music has to be heard for sure around the world, on many radio stations and festivals around the globe, therefore, share this very good DJ and producer as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 













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