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Jul 8, 2017 11:08 AM

This is Paul Vincent Coleman a.k.a PaulydaVincy he is an actor and also a versatile musician with many genres you can read my review and more about him in this article!Been in music since I was a child. Played piano for 2 years, was in the school band. I play the guitar, Bass, keys. I like to make dance music to make people happy. I am 50 now, tried show biz most of my life, but you know how that goes. My main genre has been Southern Rock and Blues, Big Buddy Guy fan. But when I got prostrate cancer I focused on midi and other means of recording at home. I am not a money guy, I am happy to know that someone is listening, what greater reward is, money can't buy that feeling for me.


I was in the Movie Hellraiser 3, check my IMDB link below no big deal. Love LA, miss it incredibly. I have been in show biz a very long time. What I love about it the most is meeting new people. My love is in the Chicago Blues, Buddy Guy, Lonnie Brooks and his Son's are it! Player of Strats and Tele's everything is Fender to me. Exploring many other genres of music and act them out on my keys and midi, cool beats, freaky sounds, yeah! Banger of the bass and like all recording equipment. Into Drawing, Painting, and songwriting, then there is my Harley's. Stay in touch with me, more than likely we will form a friendship


This musician is Vincent Paul Coleman, a.k.a PaulyDaVincy he has been known for his acting work in many films and is been passionate about music since he was born. I like his mindset about how he thinks about musicianship, that gives him already a plus point as a musician. Then now my review about his multi-genre artist he has made rock and blues, but also like to make dance and EDM music. I going to check his work and will review it all on Chatsong, for you as a visitor he has posted his music on the first music forum at my website. Pauly has made a lot of rock combined with dance music, and I will put them underneath this review for you to listen. This song " Brain Waves Bye While(kiss the sky)  I am listening now is really cool produced, a good quality house music track it has amazing beats and much melodic diversity which made it very interesting to listen and it is a song which could easily be played at many house and dance music festivals and radio station damned I like this one!

Then we have a Trap song " Bela Lugosi" again a high-class wonderful production amazing beats and sounds with great added high sounded melodic sounds it is a perfect mix it has a lot of variety and that is good in this genre because a monotone sound isn't that interesting people will stop listening and can find it boring! this track is far from boring, this is very fascinating

I really love the way he produced the songs, he is really a good deejay I must admit the first tracks he made are nothing compared to the later and recent ones in this genre! the song " Super Genius 2017" is an impressive dance song with so many amazing tunes I really get an internal satisfaction haha. 

There are a few ambient tracks which are beautiful but it is not my type of genre, but I would like to mention that these tracks are very professionally produced ambient. Man he really knows how to make good dance music, I am listening now to " carsonova Lord of Whalz" and it is freaky awesome great melodic synths used and awesome drums it is very original with the added vocals.

But like I mention in the intro of the Article he also has made blues and rock songs, and he is also a very good singer. I love this song " Gipsy Grey" it sounds like country and blues but he has a very good vocal voice for this genre! I am really amazed by the diversity this artist has, What a guy! 

I recommend you to also listen to his songs on his Reverbnation because these are all very wonderful blues music! Man, he must continue singing as well, he is a truly a born singer and a talented man.  Really love the piano work in this track " Long live Southern rock&roll tribute to 38" I am very impressed by this person he acts, sings and makes amazing wonderful blues music and dance tracks. 

If I had known this earlier how good he is I would have shared and promoted him from the beginning he started singing blues music he does it amazing! Both his produced music has to be heard and shared around the globe, I am sure he will get a lot of new fans and maybe more selling of his amazing album in dance but also in blues. Therefore share this wonderfully charismatic and singer-songwriter and electronic artist as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review



http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0171180/ his movie resume!


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