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@weareveris twitter and facebook

@weareveris twitter and facebook

Jul 15, 2017 10:24 AM

VERIS is AJ Edwards and Mark Hylander. After working with each other for several years, the two teamed up as songwriters to tell personal and universal truths and connect with others through their songs. They just released their first debut single as a duo and a video will be coming soon, read my single review on chatsong of this recent duo in the music industry

This duo VERIS is recently started after working several years together, they just released their first track named " Opening Night" it is on major platforms and a video will soon be released. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to their first song and give votes or comments underneath this review. 

The song has a nice rhythmical intro, great tunes, and great melodic sounds, and the lead singer of this duo has a marvelous unique sounded vocal it sounds very pure and great in this track! This track can become a worldwide known hit song, all music enthusiasts young and old will love this track I am pretty sure! It has all elements the songwriting, the sounds the tunes I really love it. This duo is very talented and they will come very far with their amazing song, I can't stop listening to their track. I really  am curious what their next songs will sound like, these are artists to watch and follow on their music accounts because I feel they soon will be touring as duo around the world and giving autographs and gigs to make that happen,  share this review as much as you can





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