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@Convulsic twitter and facebook

@Convulsic twitter and facebook

Aug 8, 2017 11:38 AM

The man with the medicine is Erik Hale, a San Diego based dubstep artist and producer. With Erik’s creative perfection and passion, he’s quickly evolved into “Convulsic. Just a note this is going to be my second review about a dubstep producer, not have many in that style so I am pleased to review his album on Chatsong. Read my album review on chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this review

The man with the medicine is Erik Hale, a San Diego based dubstep artist and producer. With Erik’s creative perfection and passion, he’s quickly evolved into “Convulsic.” His amped-up meld of dubstep and trance works directly on your brain, which will never be the same. Erik’s musical style developed quite differently than the typical electronic musician, as he explains, “I was initially into bands like Metallica, The Offspring, and even Tom Petty.” This early fascination with hard rock led Hale to take up guitar and keyboards and teach himself to play. “I think my early work with the guitar and piano was a big influence on my musical development,” He continues, “Working with instruments gave me a better ability to arrange and orchestrate my electronic compositions.” However, to see just how Erik Hale became Convulsic, you have to take a step back to understand how deep his love is for the craft of music. “I remember hearing some techno remixes of Mario Brothers and Zelda game music, and I was amazed,” offers Erik. By the time he was twelve, he was already playing in bands and heavily influenced by the genres of reggae and punk. He has been on stage ever since; it is only the genres that have changed. 


This is Dubstep producer Erik Hale he has been passionate about music since his childhood, had a lot of influences learned himself how to play an instrument and has played in several bands now he changed his direction into Dubstep. Thereby he released an album which I will be going to review, his first single "Lava Lamp" a period ago has gotten immediately an underground label licensing deal. 

This would be the second time I going to review a dubstep producer, it is not submitted very much on chatsong so I am curious how his album is. I have a passion for all kind of electronic styles and dubstep is one of them. 

I will start with his single " Darkside" it has a melodic intro which keeps you immediately interested in what more will come, then the song builds up with various added sounds and slowly the dubstep drums come. I like it a lot it has a lot of varied sounds and is not constantly the same, and to make a good Dubstep track isn't that easy.

This producer has a real talent for this style music in the electronic genre,  it suits him very well, and his music is fascinating to listen. 

Then we have " Clairvoyance" also a melodic tune in the intro a long with a rhythmic dub step drum beat, and he has produced this song as it should be produced in Dubstep. This is what I call good Dubstep, it has all elements to accomplish on the high rules of Dubstep Genre.  

Surprisingly this track " All together now" put you at first listen in a wrong direction because the intro has melodies which sound like it is going to be a trance track. But then after the intro and melodic tunes, he throws in the dubstep which is marvelous. In the middle of the track, he combines the melodies of trance with the brutal dubstep sound. That is just so very good, I don't have any criticism. 

I am on his latest track " Ect" again a stunning intro with a mix of EDM and dubstep and house, this is really insanely amazing produced. I am sure many Dubstep fanatics all around the world would love this album of Erik Hale and could result in a worldwide tour so he can play his marvelous album. 

His album is wonderfully produced, a lot of diversity and variety although for some music enthusiast it is a matter of taste, at least it is my taste totally. And Therefore he earns a spot on Chatsong and earned to be shared and heard around the world with his album. So when you read this and have listened, share this review and give votes underneath this review






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