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Heroes Don't Ask Why (HDAW) is a mixture of melodic rock and metal from Finland. You will find us on Spotify/Facebook, Jussi Pajunpää guitar & vocal Matias Kaunisvesi guitar & background vox Jussi Kivioja bass & background vox Kimmo Puhakka drums. Read my album review on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Heroes Don’t Ask Why is a Finnish metal band formed in 2015. In the spring 2016 line-up was finished in its current form with a drummer Kimmo Puhakka taking his place behind the drum kit. The music that followed was melodic divorce metal with a rock attitude. All things advanced rapidly and the first self-titled six-song album was released in December 2016. 
Twin-guitar attack by cousins Jussi Pajunpää and Matias Kaunisvesi are both aggressive and in the next moment, a mellow melancholic bluesy flow of notes. There’s a clear hint of a Scandinavian metal root but with an added quest for a tender guitar work. 
 Solid rock sound is completed with bass player Jussi "Johnny" Kivioja, who follows the path of his hero: Lemmy Kilmister.
Album was recorded, mixed & mastered at the water castle studio in Punkalaidun Finland during 2016 by Arttu Sarvanne. The cover arts designed by Terje Tiilikka Finland. The album was released on 9.12.2016, we are planning to do the next 6-12 song album next year spring 2018. 
This is Finnish melodic metal rock band "Heroes don't ask why", they recorded 6 singles which I will be going to review. I will start with the first I see on their accounts and that is " Goodbye", the song starts with amazing electronic guitar riffs, following up with a male vocal with a melodic touch. This voice fits perfect on the sounds of this heavy melodic metal, he has a dramatic voice which brings the lyrics better over to the listeners. Besides that, the energy of the instruments splashes out of the speakers. My credits for the instrument players, it is really professional sounding. I am not the biggest fan of metal, but this is really awesome and turned me around only because how they play and sing. I would love hearing them play live on a stage, I think it would be an amazing experience hearing them play these wonderful instruments and also hear them sing. 
Their next song is " Frostbites" the intro starts calm and then build up to wicked heavy instrumental metal rock. I really love that dramatic higher sound in his voice and the instrument players they are really incredible, their solo pieces are so stunning. Even their music is very loud, the singer still can show his diversity in vocals. I also like the transition between very hard metal, to suddenly calm pieces. 
I am listening now to " Paralyzed" I like the intro it starts with calm vocals, and instrumentals such as a drum and guitar. Then it goes bit by bit louder, in singing and sounds. The lyric is also good written, and you can hear the deeper messages behind this single. Man, this is really good metal. How they play the instruments is phenomenal, This is perfect for a lot of rock and metal radio stations, fans and festivals. When they go to listen to them, they would adore them and be standing in front of the band, jumping and head banging on the sounds of the music. 
Then we have " Times runs out" And omg the intro is really hard and fast instrumental, Really impressive. Again such a good written lyric, and that voice alright it is maybe not the purest voice I heard, but it is a very good voice which fits in this field of music. You can compare this vocal for example to a pop singer, they are completely separated in genres and styles. So I listen with other ears to this band and focus on the instruments, the vocals used in it do they match with the heavy sounds, does he comes above these wicked sounds, and he does and they nail it as a band in metal rock everything sounds good. The instruments, the production, and the great metal vocals
I am at their latest single " Seen it all" and I have to say the previous intro was already spectacular, but this one is so amazing. Lovely speed, lovely metal sounds and wow spectacular pieces of the instruments. It let you move on the speed of the overwhelmed instrumental tunes, I have the feeling I need to stand and jump up and down. I also have the say vocally the singer has in this song his best performance, I find this song the best song on the album. It has great potential for many rock and metal industries and fans, I did become a fan now of this great metal band from Finland.
My final conclusion of the singles, the singles they recorded are marvelous through the powerful hard and melodic instrumentals. All songs are written with a deeper meaning, and there are vocal parts which are fitting the style of the melodic background sounds. I love most of the songs they recorded and his dramatic sound, which make the songs even more amazing. This is a very talented metal band, with very good instrument players. Even I am not the biggest fan of metal, they made me a fan so I guess when you hear them, you become a fan too. This band has to be heard for sure, they got a lot potential, therefore, share them with their singles as much as you can and gives votes and comments underneath this review. 

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