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The 10’th of November Black Income releases there brand new Single and Music Video “FEELS LIKE A STORM”, from the forthcoming new album to be released this summer 2018. Black Income is Henrik Thrane – vocal/guitar Michael Gersdorff - Bass / vocal Lars Olrik - Drums. Read my album review and new single review, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Formed in 2012 and, Black Income is a Danish Alternative Rock Band that comes out of the 90’ - Grunge and Hard Rock scene praised by the critics from all over the world for the latest album “Noise Pollution”. Black Income describe themselves as "a new rock identity rooted in the waters of the grunge genre". Their lyrical expression comprises honesty and realism, and originality is said to be what drives the band, though artists such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots inspire them.

After only one year together, in 2013, Black Income teamed up with producer Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, D-A-D) and entered the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen, where bands like Radiohead, D-A-D, and Kent has recorded some of their best albums. In 2016 the album ‘Noise Pollution’ was released, it's twelve hard-hitting and extremely well-written rock-tunes with a focus in the riff and the catchy melody, from the guys who are smitten by the melodic grunge of the 90’s. Without repeating the history, Black Income brings a new dimension and a new level of the genre! The Debut album ‘Noise Pollution’ tells the story of a world in chaos, where everybody knows best and doesn't listen to each other. A World where shouting out your own views and opinions while being deaf to other people – That’s Noise Pollution! The lyrics are about the massive impact the social media has on us and about the materialistic world we all are a part of. It’s about true feelings of love and hate. After some years of touring with their latest album “NOISE POLLUTION”, in 2017, the band once again has entered the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen with Soren Andersen and started recording their second album, to be released summer 2018. Now the first single and video “Feels Like A Storm” is released the 10’th of November 2017, and after that, there is even more to come. As the name of the band suggests, there's an undercurrent of sarcasm and black humor in their brand of hard rock, as demonstrated by Noise Pollution, their debut LP from 2016. 




This is Hard rock band Black income, they are from Denmark and released an album in 2017 called " Pollution" and going to release this summer a new album which they released lately a music video for " feels like a storm" so I will review their new single and their latest album " Pollution".  I will begin with the song " you can't overcome" from the previous album it is the first song I see. 

The intro starts with heavy instrumental rock sounds, it is quite a spectacle to hear them play. Impressive drum work, and guitars. Then the lead singer starts to sing, he has a very good vocal sound, the lyrics are with a deeper meaning to the world. I love when bands try to spread a message by their music, this is already a master of a hard rock song. Perfect, for festivals, radio station, and hard/rock fans. No words need to be added, it is wonderful hard rock love it.

Then we have " everything" it has a great intro nice drum work and other instrumental sounds, I love they used a kinda megaphone in this song it fits good. It gives the song more power, besides the lead singer can sing marvelous notes in low and high octaves. The song is overwhelmed with melodic hard rock, from the start till the end. Again a very lovely written lyric, they know how to play, write and sing. 

Their song " Lock'n'load starts with wonderful hard instrumental sounds, also very rhythmic I like the usage of the megaphone or something similar I can't define it yet. The hard rock really splashes out of the instruments, my credits for the instrument players. 

Most of the songs have a good instrumental intro, like this one " My favorite gasoline" after the great intro comes to his wonderful voice, it has something away from the band Muse. I like the way they play and record, it is for me kinda dark metal rock.  Also because of the dramatic vocals, the singer does in the song I love it. He can sing dark and low, also high and almost noisy screams. 

I am listening now to " Hate to say it" again a stunning instrumental intro and wonderfully written lyrics. After the intro, we hear again the lead singer strong vocals. He brings the message of each lyric very good over to me, and who listen to this phenomenal melodic rock song. I am really sooked up by their instrumental sounds, and lyrics. This song is a little calmer from the other tracks on the album, it has high chances being played on more radio stations and festivals. I meant to say that this song is good for any radio, festivals who like good rock. 

Another track is " Let you down" with an intriguing intro, full of beautiful tunes building slowly up to hard rock with massive drum beats. Again that lovely dramatic vocal sound, and stunning written lyric. This song is calmer, and softer rock but it still stays a very good recorded song. This track has a potential for many festivals and radio stations around the world. I really would think when they play live, it would even sound better then it already does. This band is really good, Till now I loved all their recordings of the album. 

Then we have " Let you down" which contains very lovely melodic hard rock, great stunning instrumental pieces and that voice man he makes from each song a good recording. This lead singer is really good, the whole band is. I hear again that dramatic input, as well in the lyrics as well vocally it is so wonderful to hear. This is for sure a band to keep an eye on, and I am really excited how their new album would sound. 

This is my favorite till now from the band it is named the same as the album " pollution". The intro is stunning, and I hear vocal pieces the lead singer does I not heard before, vocally one of the strongest and powerfully part of him. By that, the music is just awesome!

" Separate Heart" is also lovely, great instrumental sounds, this is really good hard rock. I said it enough about his amazing dramatic vocals and that they sound almost like muse. I recommend you to just listen and enjoy this wonderful Danish hard rock band. 

Really like their style, their song " Better Days" is also very good recorded and sung. This single has also high chances for radio plays, festivals and record labels in rock and hard rock. This song is also calmer and has strong lyrics and vocal parts, This could be the next band who will be known worldwide and tour all around, they deserve that. 

I have to say that the intros mostly seems to be the same, but in my opinion, it is varied in each song the drums have different tones as well as the guitars. I like that this song is also a little calmer rock, so you can enjoy his lovely vocal sound. Like I said this kinda genre you can love or dislike, I have a good feeling about this band. I find them extremely talented in their field, And I hope when you listen to them more will find that. 

Wow, this song " Open your mind"  is really wicked, great uptempo rock and wonderful vocals. Also instrumental very strong, not so monotone as the other intro's I heard. I think this song is now my second favorite of the band, not that the rest isn't good but this one springs out of all the rest.  If they make more of these on their new album, that album would be bought and streamed very good. 

So that was their album from 2016, it has great hard rock songs and also calmer melodic songs I must say that I loved two of the songs more than the other tracks. not they aren't good but these two has for me more power and more potential for a hit song. 

Now I will be going to listen to their newest single " Feels like a storm" I like the breathing in the intro, following up by massive hard rock sounds with a melodic touch. And again such a powerful strong lyric and vocal, if I compare the new single to the older album I have the feeling they improve totally as a band, they were already good but now they are even better. I have the feeling this song will get massive likes and fans as well in the rock scene, my support they have I did become a fan of this unique sounding hard rock band from Denmark. They deserve more views of their music videos, streams fans, and selling, also a chance getting a record deal or more radio airplay and lots of gigs with their music. So if you read this review and listen to this band, share this as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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